Here are some practical examples that can help a man can speak and listen to God more frequently, grouped by how habits are built (Desire, Stimulus, Response, Reward and Repetition). While the grouping may be helpful to some, simply browsing the list and finding examples which interest a man is a great way to begin to take concrete steps to speak and listen to God more frequently. This list is a starting point; there are many additional practical examples which may be helpful.

These examples are inspired by Scripture and both classic and more recent books, including: Brother Lawrence – Practicing the Presence of God; St. Alphonsus Liguori – Talking with God and How to Pray at All Times; St. Francis de Sales – Introduction to the Devout Life; Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade – Abandonment to Divine Providence; Fr. Jeremias Drexelius – Heliotropium; Thérèse of Lisieux – Story of a Soul; Fr. Jacques Philippe: Time for God; Peter Kreeft – Prayer for Beginners.

Here are some examples to help build the habit of speaking and listening to God more frequently:

Summary of practical examples of listening and speaking with God throughout the day.

Detailed examples of how to listen and speak to God throughout the day:

Strengthen the Desire to listen and speak with God more frequently.

Use the Stimulus of everyday experiences to turn more frequently to God.

Plan routine Responses to more frequently turn to God during the day.

Recognize the Rewards of conversing with God to use Repetition to sustain motivation.