Vindication is the good habit of a man who seeks to uphold Justice by recognizing just and unjust acts, defending and encouraging the innocent and those who do good against unjust attack and charitably confronting those who do evil, supporting the rule of law/justice by holding evil-doers to account and ensuring just punishment (Vengeance) when necessary and defending the innocent and weak. The man who charitably exercises the virtue of Vindicationhelps maintain peace and seeks to call sinners to conversion by holding them to account for their evil against other. 

The opposing vices of Vindication include the vice of False Mercy which excuses evil and fails to promote Justice, and the vice of Cruelty/Brutality by which punishment exceeds the crime in amount or type, often with a sadistic and perverse pleasure at the suffering of others or self-righteousness. The man who fails in Vindication may experience false self-righteous pleasure but gravely sins against others by under or over responding to evil.