Truthfulness/Honesty is the good habit of a man who grasps the reality of God and His Truth as preserved in its fullness in the Catholic Church and strives to always form and conform his thoughts, words and deeds to the reality of God’s Truth, particularly in confronting confusion and lies in the world so as to proclaim Christ. The man of Truth courageously speaks the fullness of Truth even when persecution or martyrdom is likely.

The opposing vice of Dishonesty by which man seeks to gain advantage or avoid personal discomfort or persecution by willingly lying or cheating to deceive another and lead them into error, or to deprive them of their rightful reputation or possessions. The Dishonest man experiences the discomfort of being found out because he lives by lies and sins (Slander, Deception), failing to speak the fullness of truth, manipulating others by his words and by what he does and does not do.