Shrewdness is the good habit which is built over time which allows a man to quickly and easily make good and rapid decisions about the choices he needs to make. While the Shrewd man seems to have an intuitive ability to quickly reach the right decision, he is also reaping the great effort over a long period of time of being thoughtful in decision making which has given him the ability to sometimes instantaneously know what decision will serve him best. A Shrewd man is also often blessed to have the intellectual horsepower to rapidly make decisions.

The vice opposing the growth of Shrewdness is to be Slow-witted, an unwillingness or intellectual laziness over time to be disciplined in making decisions in a thoughtful way which renders one unable to quickly make decisions when needed. The Slow-witted while often having a lack of intellectual horsepower, lack the discipline to take responsibility and put in the effort to learn and more quickly respond.