Responsibility/Duty  is the good habit of a man by which he strives to justly to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of his core identity and vocation as a Catholic Son/Father and his occupation/work in society and accepting the just consequences for his actions or failure to act. The Dutiful man does his best to live up to the expectations and requirements of his vocation and enjoys the self-mastery of personal excellence and the satisfaction of living up to his noble purpose.

The opposing vice of Responsibility/Duty is primary the vice of Unreliability, the habit of not living up to his commitments and responsibilities, unjustly depriving others what he owes to him by his vocation and being unwilling to make reparations when he fails another. The Unreliable man, who is indifferent to others, experiences the lack of close relationships with those he lets down and, longer term, will face the anxiety and shame as he and others recognize his failures as a man.