Perseverance is the good habit of a man who, with unshakeable will, sustains strong effort and action to achieve his noble purpose when confronted by obstacles, delays, fatigue, and temptations. The man who Perseveres also endures great suffering with grace and refuses to complain or quit, which is especially virtuous when he is under the duress of persecution for the Catholic faith. 

Opposing Perseverance are the vices of Effeminacy and Stubbornness. The vice of Effeminacy (or Softness) is the vice of a man who fails to give God and others their due by weakly giving up in the face of weariness and difficultly, often quitting far before he reaches his true limits. The vice of Stubbornness is a vice of a man who, with foolish pride or ignorance, continues to doggedly pursue that which should be rightly abandoned for it is unobtainable or is not consistent with God’s will.