Patience is the good habit of a man of the world who accepts the Sorrows that result from pain in his life and continues with unbroken spirit to seek to achieve his goals. The Patient man recognizes and bears Sorrows in his life by resolutely accepting the suffering of voluntary sacrifices, ignoring many rude and annoying acts of others while being inwardly forgiving and empathetic, and selectively bearing the often difficult and painful responsibility to admonish others when necessary to do so. 

Opposing Patience is the vice of Impatience by which a man lacks the maturity and love to patiently bear the Sorrows in his life. The Impatient man avoids necessary suffering to achieve goals and quickly acts to reduce his Sorrows by lashing out at others who offend or bore him, either directly or with a quiet simmering anger and resentment, or by coldly avoiding people or situations which upset him.