Obedience is the good habit of a man who consistently renders people and institutions superior to him their rightful due, including honoring and acts of charity to one’s parents, being loyal to one’s friends and mentors, willingly abiding by the just and moral laws and institutions of one’s country and having a loyalty to one’s country (patriotism). The man of Obedience/Piety has stability in his life, for he willingly belongs, knows his place in society and receives spiritual blessings which come to those who live with appreciation of others.  

The opposing vices of Obedience/Piety include the bad habits of Dishonoring Parents, Disloyalty to one’s friends, mentors and country, and Disobedienceto rightful authority and just laws. The man who rejects Piety/Obedience arrogantly lives the life of a bitter or uncaring outsider and experiences the suffering of chaos, loneliness and rejection that comes to those who refuse to belong and rebel against the just authority of others.