Magnificence is the good habit of a man who, after aspiring to Magnanimity, puts forth the extraordinary effort to bring his noble aspirations into concrete reality, investing his time, talent, and money with selfless generosity for a noble cause. The Magnificent man is not a dreamer but a doer of great things for the glory of God and His Church.

Opposing Magnificence are several vices including Littleness, Miserliness and Prodigality. The vice of Littleness is a habit of a weak man who is satisfied by achieving little or nothing when great accomplishments lie within his power. The vice of Miserliness is a habit of a man who refuses to invest in great causes and instead clings to his time, money, and possessions. The vice of Prodigality (wastefulness) is a habit of a man who foolishly spends extravagantly on things that don’t matter and exceeds what is necessary to achieve noble results.