Humility is the good habit of a man who recognizes his own smallness compared to God and the great gifts God has given others, causing him to be truly awed and grateful for God’s work and not unjustly taking credit for the blessings God has given him. The man who embraces the virtue of Humility genuinely sees himself as lowly and is careful in the imposition of his will upon others and is deferential and respectful; the Humble do not seek inordinate attention through their words and acts. 

Opposing Humility is the vice of Pride, a deadly sin by which a man falsely perceives himself as more than he is, fails to be grateful to God, is obsessed with self-esteem, takes credit where credit is not due, is disrespectful or disregards the opinions of others, seeks attention and applause, dresses to stand out, is vain, immodest, boastful and self-promoting; for many, pride has become a false virtue in the modern world and a way to publicly rebel against the commandments of God, to seek self-esteem and to gain acceptance of the culture.