Diligence is the good habit of a man who puts his best efforts into cultivating and gratefully, joyfully, and energetically using his God-given talents in the service of God and neighbor in every thought, word and deed, balancing the just use of himself for God, his family and his work. The Diligent man maintains order in caring for his spiritual and physical health, hygiene and possessions and is an excellent steward of all the treasures God has granted him. 

Opposing Diligence is the deadly vice of Sloth by which a man  is ungrateful, sorrowful and lazy in fulfilling his duties to God, family, neighbor and country, caring mostly for his own disordered pleasure. The Slothful man lives a disordered and chaotic life, neglecting or abusing his spiritual life, physical health and hygiene, and is a wastrel who squanders the gifts which God has given him dominion over.