Defense/Protection is the good habit of a man who responds to unjust attacks upon himself, his family and friends, his country or when he witnesses aggression on the weak by anticipating and preparing himself to be effective when various foreseeable attacks occur. The man who is a Protector enjoys the satisfaction of being well-prepared to stand up against evil and that others can and do count on his protection. 

The opposing vices of Defense/Protection include the bad habits of Unjust Aggression by which a man attacks others unjustly out of malice or desire to possess another’s goods (Verbal or Physical Assault, Murder) and Unjust Pacifism by which a man holds to a false pacifism, is cowardly, indifferent or apathetic, causing him to fail to justly protect those in his care or the weak when they are unjustly attacked. The man who fails to build the virtue of Defense/Protection experiences anxiety of a lack of preparedness and ultimately the guilt and shame of his failure to defend those whom he might have protected.