Courage is the good habit of a man who when faced with danger which is appropriately to be feared, bravely faces down that fear with proper good sense in a deliberate way to serve God and others. The Courageous man is often fueled by righteous anger against a deliberate evil, persecution or a dangerous situation with firm resolve, even to the point of martyrdom for the sake of being a faithful witness for Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. 

Opposing Courage are the vices of Cowardliness and Rashness. Cowardliness by which a timid man, driven by excessive sinful fear, shrinks and avoids taking proper action to defend the faith, protect others and oppose evil or dangerous situations. The vice of Rashness, by which a man, driven by the desire for personal glory, stupidity or disgust of life, foolishly puts himself or others at unnecessary risk by taking unreasonably daring, impulsive, and ineffective actions.