The heart of the Devotional are Daily Devotions that are based on the Gospel from the daily Mass. Each Daily Devotion includes a Commentary on the daily Gospel, a Be awed by Jesus Christ meditation and two Choose Happiness topics which are directly related to the daily Gospel and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

Meditating upon the daily Gospel from the Liturgy

The Daily Devotions are based upon the daily Gospels of the Catholic Church for every day of the liturgical year of the Novus Ordo Missae (the “New Order of the Mass”), the mass most people experience in the vast majority of parishes. This includes the three Sunday Cycles (A, B, C), every weekday, and all the Solemnities, Feasts and Memorials celebrated in the United States, which is largely consistent with Catholic parishes around the world. You can be more fully drawn to Jesus when you joins millions around the world in the celebration of the liturgical life of Holy Catholic Church by meditating upon the daily Gospel from the Mass.

By praying with the daily Gospel from the Liturgy for an entire year, you will have read all of Jesus’ teachings contained in the entire Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are about two dozen passages that are omitted from the Liturgy to avoid duplication; these Gospel passages are referenced on p ___ “Index of all Gospel Readings from the Liturgy” for further study. 

Engaging in the daily Gospel through the Commentary

The Commentary provides a concise and insightful summary of the daily Gospel reading from the Mass. The starting paragraph helps a man enter into the Gospel by reviewing what is happening in previous adjacent verses of the Gospel. The remaining two paragraphs provide deeper knowledge about what is happening in the daily Gospel so a man can more fully understand what Jesus is seeking to reveal.

Becoming Awed by Jesus Christ 

This section reveals some of the astounding aspects of Jesus from the daily Gospel reading by reviewing His Divinity, Humanity and Mission which includes dozens of subcategories and routinely point out Christ’s masculinity and heroic virtue so that a man can be awed by Him and seek to imitate Him; see “The Divinity, Humanity, and Mission of Jesus Christ” (p ___).

Choosing the happiness Jesus promises 

To receive the happiness Jesus promises, a man must first choose to receive it. There are two Choose Happiness topics each day which are based on the Gospel and the Catechism. Each Choose Happiness topic helps a man identify a problem in his life that can cause unhappiness and provides a solution based on the teachings of the Church that leads to happiness. The Choose Happiness topics use a logic-based approach to help a man learn, take action, and build holy habits: 


Any meaningful holy change in a man’s thoughts and behaviors starts with recognizing a problem or opportunity that exists in his life. The Realize step focuses on some type of shortcoming, sin or events in the world that can lead a man to become unhappy, either by what a man does or fails to do. 


The Church offers holy and time-proven solutions which lead to holiness and happiness for every kind of problem a man can experience. The Believe step focuses on what the Church teaches in the Catechism with precise paragraph references and challenges a man to confront any disbelief he may have fallen into and to accept correct belief. 


No man can become holy by himself, and every Catholic man needs the constant help of God and the Saints and the Angels to be protected from the attacks of Satan and grow in holiness and receive happiness. For each Choose Happiness topic, a man takes the immediate and powerful action to grow in holiness by personally asking for help through a personal prayer to the Almighty Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, or sometimes, a Saint or Angel. 

Each prayer seeks to help a man grow in a specific needed Virtue or a Gift or Fruit of the Holy Spirit, along with additional concrete actions he can take to build habits of holiness and grow in happiness. By simply praying the daily prayers aloud, every Catholic man can take the concrete and powerfully fruitful action to grow in holiness by asking God to help him.