In this special three-part ECM Series, the Riches of Catholic Prayer is explored. 

Part 1 answers the question, “What is Catholic Prayer?” and discusses the reality that prayer is speaking with God, Catholic prayer seeks to pray in union with the liturgy of the Church and includes both the Divine Liturgy and Popular Devotion, and the truth that praying in union with the Church offers many blessings to those who pray. 

Part 1 also describes how the Church helps men make time divine by praying daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually. 

Part 2 discusses some of the wonderful riches of Catholic prayer for different situations and needs and offers many links to prayer resources that span a wide variety of types of prayer. 

Part 3 provides an overview of the often neglected blessing of Indulged Prayers, including the reality that Jesus gave the Church the power to grant Indulgences, the reduction of punishment a man accrues for his sins, and the conditions under which Indulgences are granted in the Church. 

You can find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here.