The purpose of The Every Catholic Man Daily Gospel Devotional is to help you choose and more completely receive the happiness Jesus promises both in this life and as a saint in Heaven. The Devotional is specifically written for men to help you meet, know, and love, the Perfect Man, Jesus Christ, and serve Him by picking up your cross in the spiritual combat each day.

To achieve its purpose, the Devotional has been specifically designed to achieve the following goals: 

1) Convince every man that Jesus Christ is the Savior of Man

To make the commitment to follow Jesus and receive the happiness He promises, you must first come to know Jesus Christ and become convinced He is the Savior of Man; knowing, loving and making the commitment to serve Jesus Christ starts with knowing. 

The Devotional is focused on helping every man come to know the true Jesus Christ. Jesus is the most compelling and heroic man who has ever lived, the Savior of Man who brings an army of angels to combat Satan and crush evil, Who is under constant threat of death during His public ministry, Who challenges religious and worldly powers and heroically dies to become the Savior of Man and establish His everlasting Kingdom, and Who builds the original Band of Brothers in the Apostles to lead His Catholic Church Militant (meaning, a gathering of warriors). It is through Jesus, the Savior of Man, that Heaven is opened up and every man can be received into the true and lasting happiness of spending eternity with the Almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

The Apostles imitated their Master’s heroic martyrdom, each dying gruesome deaths (except for John who suffered extreme persecution), setting the model for the heroic and sacrificial headship of men in the Church. Every Catholic pope for the first three hundred years of the Church Militant were martyred; thousands of men (and many women) also willingly died to build Christ’s Church so that every man could be saved.

The real Jesus is a heroic King who inspired great men to heroic sacrifice and has never ceased to be compelling to men and remains so today; the Devotional seeks to introduce you to this heroic King and Savior of Man. 

2) Convince every man to personally choose to seek Jesus Christ to be his Savior

The Devotional seeks to help you hear Jesus’ extraordinary personal call for you to aspire to the perfection of heroic greatness, confront your sins and vices in the spiritual combat, and challenge and inspire you to strive to become a Saint who is received into Heaven. 

Because Jesus reveals your very first step towards receiving the happiness He promises is to recognize your deep spiritual poverty (Mt 5:3), the Devotional will unflinchingly help you recognize your own crippling spiritual poverty and your desperate need for Jesus Christ to be your Savior, Who will help you grow in holiness so that you might be saved. Take no offense at the hard-nosed assertion of your spiritual poverty: every single man is a sinner and every sinner needs the Savior Jesus Christ.

Like the heroic saints who made the absolute commitment to Christ and willingly died so that you might inherit the Catholic faith, the Devotional will seek to help you make the heroic commitment to completely give yourself to Christ and be willing to lay down your life for Him, as He did for you. 

3) Convince a man to zealously practice the fullness of the faith of Christ’s Holy Catholic Church

The Devotional helps you discover and grow in mastery of the fullness of the Catholic way, the only way Jesus gave men to follow Him to Heaven, the way which will help you choose the happiness Jesus promises. 

The Devotional helps you learn directly from Jesus Christ by focusing on His life and teachings in the daily Gospel from the Mass; over a year, you will engage Christ’s teachings from the entire Gospel. To ensure you are learning and practicing the fullness of the faith, the Devotional integrates relevant and practical teaching from the Catechism which will help you achieve real gains in holiness and happiness; over a year, day by day, you will engage hundreds of relevant and practical topics to grow in happiness that cover the entirety of the Catechism. 

You will be inspired by the same Catholic faith which has been passed down from the Apostles and practiced by every saint across the last two millennia. Most importantly, rather than simply learning the faith and attempting to practice it on your own, the Devotional will help you each day get supernatural help from the Almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit by daily prayer, the frequent reception of the Sacraments, and by continually seeking the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. You will also be regularly encouraged to seek the powerful intercession of Our Lady, St. Joseph, the Apostles, and the Angels and the Saints.