Chapter 1

Mk 1:1-8 – Jesus’ coming is announced by His zealous forerunner St. John the Baptist
Mk 1:7-11 – Jesus is baptized by St. John the Baptist and the Father and Holy Spirit are reveals to many eyewitnesses
Mk 1:12-15 – Jesus battles and conquers Satan in the Temptation
Mk 1:14-20 – Jesus launches His public ministry in Galilee and calls His first Apostles
Mk 1:21-28 – Jesus casts out demons from a possessed man in the synagogue in Capernaum. 
Mk 1:29-39 – Jesus miraculously heals, casts out demons and broadens His evangelization campaign in Galilee
Mk 1:40-45 – Jesus courageously heals and forgives a leper, restoring him to full social and religious life

Chapter 2

Mk 2:1-12 – Jesus miraculously heals the paralyzed man, awing the many witnesses and causing them to glorify God
Mk 2:13-17 – Jesus calls Matthew to be His Apostle and clashes with the scribes and the Pharisees 
Mk 2:18-22 – Jesus cryptically reveals His coming Passion and exhorts the disciples of St. John the Baptist to seek conversion in Him
Mk 2:23-28 – Jesus humiliates the prideful Pharisees by using Scripture to defend the truth of the Sabbath

Chapter 3

Mk 3:1-6 – Jesus confronts the Pharisees by provocatively healing the man with a withered hand on the Sabbath
Mk 3:7-12 – Jesus thwarts attempts to kill Him and miraculously heals multitudes in the countryside
Mk 3:13-19 – Jesus confers with the Almighty Father and then selects His Apostles from men who will go on to be martyred
Mk 3:20-30 – Jesus summons the scribes and corrects and warns them of their evil attacks against Him
Mk 3:31-35 – Jesus confirms the fraternity of faith and exalts the Blessed Virgin Mary

Chapter 4

Mk 4:1-20 – Jesus gives a God’s eye view of men’s responses to His Gospel in the Parable of the Sower
Mk 4:21-25 – Jesus draws vast crowds and teaches the Parable of the Sower to urge men to be converted and become fruitful in Him
Mk 4:26-34 – Jesus teaches the Parables of the Growing Seed and the Mustard Seed to reveal how God is building His Kingdom
Mk 4:35-41 – Jesus miraculously saves the Apostles from drowning by calming a deathly storm on the Sea of Galilee

Chapter 5

Mk 5:1-20 – Jesus casts out a legion of violent demons from a man from Gadarene and commands him to evangelize
Mk 5:21-43 – Jesus miraculously heals a bleeding woman and raises a young girl from the dead

Chapter 6

Mk 6:1-6 – Jesus is rejected by the people of His hometown in Nazareth
Mk 6:7-13 – Jesus sends His 12 male Apostles to preach, heal and warn others to repent
Mk 6:14-29 – The evil Herod beheads St. John the Baptist for condemning his adulterous marriage
Mk 6:30-34 – Jesus has deep compassion for a great crowd and teaches them
Mk 6:34-44 – Jesus miraculously Feeds the 5000
Mk 6:45-52 – Jesus walks on the water of the Sea of Galilee and saves Peter from drowning
Mk 6:53-56 – Jesus shows His deep compassion, Divine Power and incredible stamina by healing multitudes

Chapter 7

Mk 7:1-13 – Jesus condemns the Pharisees’ evil ways after they attempt to rebuke Him
Mk 7:14-23 – Jesus confirms that a man’s evil acts are the result of an impure heart
Mk 7:24-30 – Jesus casts a demon out of a Canaanite woman’s daughter
Mk 7:31-37 – Jesus miraculously heals a man who is deaf and mute

Chapter 8

Mk 8:1-10 – Jesus prefigures the Sacrament of the Eucharist in the miraculous Feeding of the 4000
Mk 8:11-13 – Jesus rebukes the Pharisees’ request for Him to perform a miraculous sign
Mk 8:14-21 – Jesus admonishes the Apostles for the failure to grasp the power of His miraculous works
Mk 8:22-26 – Jesus miraculously heals a blind man in Bethsaida
Mk 8:27-33 – Jesus confirms He is the Messiah and that He will be rejected by the Jewish leadership and be executed
Mk 8:34-9:1 – Jesus reveals that every man must pick up his cross and follow Him

Chapter 9

Mk 9:2-13 – Jesus is mysteriously transfigured in a preview of His Resurrected Body
Mk 9:14-29 – Jesus rebukes His disciples and casts a demon out of a possessed young boy
Mk 9:30-37 – Jesus reveals that He is the Son of Man who will be killed and teaches the Apostles about true greatness
Mk 9:38-40 – Jesus instructs St. John to not reject those whose faith in Him is incomplete
Mk 9:41-50 – Jesus reveals the horrific punishment for those who cause others to sin and calls disciples to drastic action to avoid sin

Chapter 10

Mk 10:1-12 – Jesus forbids divorce and confirms those who remarry after divorce commit adultery
Mk 10:13-16 – Jesus blesses little children and lays the foundation for infant baptism
Mk 10:17-27 – Jesus reveals that those attached to riches are unlikely to enter Heaven
Mk 10:28-31 – Jesus promises disciples who sacrifice for His Gospel will receive extraordinary rewards
Mk 10:32-45 – Jesus gives a third prediction of His coming Passion and warns of great sin of pride
Mk 10:46-52 – Jesus miraculously gives the faithful and persistent Bartimeaus sight

Chapter 11

Mk 11:1-10 – Jesus enters Jerusalem at Passover as a King in preparation for His Passion
Mk 11:11-26 – Jesus violently cleanses the Temple and curses the unfruitfulness of a fig tree to teach the Apostles faith
Mk 11:27-33 – Jesus demonstrates His Authority by refusing to prove His Authority to the Jewish leaders

Chapter 12

Mk 12:1-12 – Jesus condemns the evil of the Jewish leadership in the Parable of the Wicked Tenants
Mk 12:13-17 – Jesus avoids the Pharisees and Herodians’ entrapment by confirming the justice of serving God and respecting worldly authorities
Mk 12:18-27 – Jesus corrects and humiliates the Sadducees about Heaven when they try to trap Him
Mk 12:28-34 – Jesus summarizes the entire law by revealing The Two Great Commandments
Mk 12:35-37 – Jesus delights a crowd by revealing a mysterious contradiction in the interpretation of ancient Scripture
Mk 12:38-44 – Jesus condemns the evil and hypocrisy of the scribes and extolls a widow’s generosity

Chapter 13

Mk 13:1-13 – Jesus reveals the destruction of the Temple and the chaos preceding His Second Coming (See Lk 21:5-11)
Mk 13:14-23 – Jesus warns His disciples of coming persecution and promises to guide and rescue them (See Lk 21:12-19)
Mk 13:24-32 – Jesus comforts His men with the promise of His Second Coming
Mk 13:33-37 – Jesus warns men to be watchful in the Parable of Watchful Slaves

Chapter 14

Mk 14:1-9 – Jesus defends Mary when Judas attacks her for anointing Jesus with costly oil (See Jn 12:1-11)
Mk 14:10-16 – Jesus directs the Apostles to prepare for the Passover and Judas agrees to betray Jesus (See Lk 22:3-16)
Mk 14:17-21 – Jesus reveals that Judas is the betrayer (See Jn 13:21-36)
Mk 14:20-25 – Jesus institutes the Sacrament of the Eucharist (See Mt 26:26-29, Lk 22:17-20)
Mk 14:26-31 – Jesus reveals Satan’s attacks and Peter’s denials (See Lk 22:31-38)
Mk 14:32-52 – Jesus undergoes the Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane (See Jn 18:1-12)
Mk 14:53-65 – Jesus is condemned to death by the Jewish leadership (See Mt 26:57-68, 27:1-10)
Mk 14:66-72 – Jesus’s prophecy of St. Peter’s three denials come true (See Mt 26:69-75)

Chapter 15

Mk 15:1-5 – Jesus is interrogated by Pilate (See Jn 18:28-38, Lk 23:6-12)
Mk 15:6-15 – Jesus is condemned to death after the Jewish mob calls for His crucifixion (See Jn 19:4-16; Mt 27:24-26)
Mk 115:16-20 – Jesus is crowned with thorns and mocked by Roman soldiers (See Jn 19:2-3; Mt 27:27-30)
Mk 15:21-22 – Jesus carries His Cross to the place of The Skull (See Lk 23:26-33)
Mk 15:23-32 – Jesus is crucified and suffers on the Cross (See Mt 27:35-44)
Mk 15:33-40 – Jesus dies on the Cross (See Mt 27:45-56)

Chapter 16

Mk 16:1-8 – Jesus rises from the dead in the Resurrection and appears to Mary Magdalene and another woman
Mk 16:9-15 – Jesus mysteriously appears on Easter evening and upbraids the Apostles for their unbelief
Mk 16:15-20 – Jesus commands the Apostles to evangelize the world and ascends to Heaven