Ascending above the Gift of Understanding which helps us understand our lives in the context of God, in the Gift of Wisdom, a Catholic man is drawn into union with God and granted a God’s eye view which allows him to experience Him in his soul. Unlike worldly wisdom, the Gift of Wisdom supernaturally gives a man the ability to perceive and judge things in light of the reality of God. 

The Gift of Wisdom allows every receptive Catholic man to be drawn into union with God and receive a glimpse of the His infinite wisdom so that the man might be helped in his pilgrimage towards Heaven. Because every Catholic man is different, the Gift of Wisdom is offered to different men in different ways and varies in amount, content and timing, and by how God allows a man to receive it. The Gift of Wisdom helps a Catholic man grow towards Sainthood by allowing him to encounter God more frequently in his daily life, encourage a man to seek union with God and lead him to more perfectly seek to love his neighbors. 

The Gift of Wisdom helps a man prepare for Heaven

The Wisdom of God is Infinite

God is the Creator is eternal and infinite and exists outside of His Creation.

God exists in unchanging perfection in all He is, including the perfection of love, truth, beauty, goodness, justice, mercy, wisdom, knowledge and power.

As Creator of all that exists, God has complete knowledge of all things, from the greatest expanse of the universe to the smallest particles of matter. God perfectly knows Himself and all things outside of Himself including all creatures that have, are, or will be. God’s knowledge is not learned and exists in Him in perfect fullness, detail and clarity. There is nothing that God does not know.

Because God’s knowledge is perfect, He perfectly knows every aspect of a man’s life including his every thought, word and deed, across his entire life, from his struggles and his sins, to his striving for holiness and to what a man needs to receive and do to prepare for Heaven. Nothing of a man’s life is hidden from God.

Beyond the knowledge of Creation is God’s Wisdom which includes His purposes and His plans for His Creation, including the individual lives and destinies of every soul He creates on Earth.

God’s Wisdom which can be received by a man includes everything each man needs to come to know God, become His adopted son in the Holy Catholic Church, grow to be a Saint and be received into Heaven.

God’s Wisdom will be most fully given to those who are received into Heaven in the Beatific Vision in which a Catholic man will experience God Himself in His divine essence. Each man in Heaven will experience God in proportion to the degree of charity he offered God and others during his life on earth; the more perfect a man is in charity the more perfectly he will behold God in Heaven.  

The Wisdom of God allows a Catholic man to meet God

God, through His own Divine Charity and Providence allows willing Catholic men to freely enter into His Wisdom; He offers this to men through the Holy Spirit in the Gift of Wisdom. 

Because God has created man in His image and likeness (Gen 1:26), men have the ability through their natural reason to come to know of God’s existence (Rom 1:19-20) and, through God’s revelation of Sacred Scripture, men can come to know about God. 

To go beyond human knowledge of God’s existence and His Scripture, men must become adopted sons of God through the Sacrament of Baptism and receive the Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that God makes Himself and His Wisdom known to men. 

A Catholic man receives the Wisdom of God through the indwelling Holy Spirit who gives a man the Gift of Wisdom in which a man comes into the presence of God, meets God, and is drawn by God into union with Him (1 Cor 6:17); union is an actual experience and a recognizable event in a man’s life during which he is spiritually connected to God in union in the depth of his Soul and Intellect.

During the union with God, a man experiences the reality of God’s presence and receives the Gift of Wisdom to the extent God wishes to grant it to him. 

Receiving God’s Wisdom requires no reasoning or effort to comprehend what God is imparting, for God simply impresses His Wisdom upon the man; the reception of the Gift of Wisdom is beyond reason and understanding and is simply a reality which a man is compelled to accept and willingly does so. 

The highest of the powers of the Intellect (mind) is Wisdom and the highest of the virtues is Charity (love). Because God Himself is love (1 Jn 4:8), when a man receives the Gift of Wisdom, he is experiencing the Charity of God and is then moved to be filled with Charity towards God and all that God has created including all people. 

A Catholic man’s encounter with God during which he receives the Gift of Wisdom often leaves him full of extraordinary thoughts and emotions as he is awed, joyful and at peace and certain he is in the presence of God; it may seem like time has stood still or all time has rushed by him in an instant, he feels transcendence and may feel like he is floating in ecstasy, he may have a sense of completeness and that he is finally “home”, or he may feel an extraordinary sense of being given a glimpse of how everything fits together in perfection.

As a result of receiving the Gift of Wisdom, a Catholic man may be instantaneously convinced of the reality of God and His Goodness, Truth and Beauty with unshakable certainty.

The experience of receiving the Gift of Wisdom leaves a Catholic man permanently sure of the truth that God exists and loves him and he moves from having an earthly faith to a faith which has briefly encountered the reality of God; he firmly grasps his identity as an adopted son of God, is animated by love, and seeks to love God as God first loves man (CCC 1829). 

Convinced of the reality of God and His Truth and Wisdom, a Catholic man is hungry to return into God’s presence so that he might receive more of God’s Gift of Wisdom.

Because man is mortal and God is divine, God does not grant, and a Catholic man on earth cannot indefinitely sustain, the “peak experience” of union with God during which the man receives the Gift of Wisdom; the man returns to the experience of his life on earth as a man, but he is never-the-less, permanently changed by his encounter with the Divine. 

A Catholic man’s reception of the Gift of Wisdom is not the Beatific Vision which is reserved for those fortunate to be received into Heaven, but a foretaste of the reality and glory of God which God gives to receptive Catholic men. 

Is available to every receptive Catholic man

Every baptized Catholic man who is not in a state of mortal sin can receive sufficient levels of the Gift of Wisdom for his salvation: a Catholic man who is in a state of mortal sin has shut himself off from God and can not receive any of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit until he is absolved of mortal sin in the Sacrament of Penance; a man who has not received the Sacrament of Baptism has not received the Holy Spirit in his soul and, as a result, can not receive the Spirit’s Gift of Wisdom; God may, through His own mysterious ways, make special exceptions to reach even the most hardened non-baptized soul if He Wills it.  

A Catholic man doesn’t need to be a Saint to receive the Gift of Wisdom.

The Gift of Wisdom does not depend on the intelligence or education of a Catholic man for even the simplest and most uneducated soul may be among the wisest of men if he receives the Gift of Wisdom, for his wisdom is of God, not of himself. 

The Wisdom of God helps a Catholic man reach Heaven

It is impossible for a man, even a baptized Catholic man, to overcome his overwhelming desire to sin and the relentless daily attacks of Satan, and successfully ascend to Heaven without an outpouring of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

Every Catholic man desperately needs the help of God in all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, but especially the Gift of Wisdom, for it gives a man the joy and confirmation of a direct experience of God and can provide precise guidance a man needs in the daily Spiritual Combat. 

The Wisdom of God is given to meet the struggles of every Catholic man

God, in His Infinite Wisdom and Perfect Knowledge, has an intimate and perfect understanding of the specific day-to-day struggles every Catholic man is facing in his life and God stands ready to provide each man with the specific wisdom he needs to be victorious in his current battles in the Spiritual Combat; God makes available to every Catholic man customized Wisdom that perfectly guides a man at precisely the right time. 

The Gift of Wisdom strengthens a man’s Charity

The Gift of Wisdom allows a Catholic man to experience the Charity of God and he is particularly strengthened in the Theological Virtue of Charity which protects him against the various sins against Charity, including indifference, ingratitude, lukewarmness, acedia (spiritual sloth) and hatred; if a man lacks Charity in his heart, he has a malformed heart, leading him to commit all kinds of vile sins which Jesus Christ condemns, including, “evil thoughts, fornication, theft, murder, adultery, coveting, wickedness, deceit, licentiousness, envy, slander, pride, foolishness” (Mk 7:21-22). 

The Gift of Wisdom protects a man from foolishness

The Gift of Wisdom protects a man against dullness of the mind (folly, foolishness) by which he places his trust in himself and his own ignorant and incomplete opinions, or in the “wisdom” of the world which denies the reality and dominion of God and His Holy Catholic Church; a Catholic man’s encounter with God in the Gift of Wisdom convinces him that all the answers to what is essential for human flourishing and eternal life can only be found in the Wisdom of God and His Holy Catholic Church. 

The Gift of Wisdom is offered to receptive Catholic men in different ways

Varies in amount and content

God grants some Saints extraordinary levels of Wisdom, as demonstrated by the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, all the Doctors of the Church, and many others who have received great wisdom from God (St. Faustina/Divine Mercy, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque/Sacred Heart, Sister Lucia Dos Santos/Fatima, Brother Lawrence, etc.).

God grants some Catholic priests, deacons, religious, and laymen the Gift of Wisdom in great degree so they might better carry out God’s call to them to guide others to Him as preachers, theologians, teachers, and spiritual directors. 

Every man is uniquely created by God in a specific time, place and circumstance to  fulfill a unique role in God’s glorious plan of Salvation, and God can offer him the special wisdom through the Gift of Wisdom he needs to fulfill God’s mission for him. 

Many Catholic men do not receive any, or only a small amount, of the Gift of Wisdom for they are not receptive; some are ignorant and simply do not know that they can receive the supernatural Gift of Wisdom, some are lukewarm in the faith and never seek the Gift of Wisdom, and many are in a state of mortal sin and the Holy Spirit will not grant them the Gift of Wisdom. 

A Catholic man who remains in a state of grace and actively seeks to draw closer to God through prayer and the Sacraments, and seeks the Gift of Wisdom, will be given it in greater amount, depth, frequency and duration.

Varies across a man’s lifetime

The wisdom of God is infinite and no man can grasp the totality of God’s wisdom; every receptive Catholic man can continue to drink from the infinite reservoir of God’s wisdom through the Gift of Wisdom over his entire life.

As a Catholic man grows in holiness, he is able to receive greater and different levels of wisdom of God; a Catholic man who is spiritually progressing towards Sainthood is able to receive greater and greater insights through the Gift of Wisdom, helping him advance in holiness even faster.

Over his lifetime, every man faces different and changing circumstances and challenges in his life and God will give him different types of wisdom at different times through the Gift of Wisdom, if he is receptive, to help him best overcome the challenges he currently faces at any point of his life. 

Varies in how it is given

Because God’s wisdom is infinite and a Catholic man’s ability to receive it is limited, the Gift of Wisdom is given in various ways to each man based on his ability to receive it.

Many Catholic men may not be consciously aware of the Gift of Wisdom in their daily lives, but are guided through sudden insights or urges which lead them to some act that God desires for them to take; unaware, they attribute some insight or intuition that leads them to choose to take some act which brings a  blessing or avoids evil as “luck”, when, in reality, the Gift of Wisdom has moved their thoughts to help them.

The Gift of Wisdom may come as a sudden rush of joy and certainty about the reality of God when a Catholic man is in prayer; his heart is unquestionably moved and he “knows” something divine has happened to him but may not have any particular thoughts other than a sure “knowing.” This same experience may happen when a man is not specially in “prayer” but is suddenly moved after experiencing some great blessing of God (beauty of human love, a small child, the beauty of God’s Creation, etc.).

The Gift of Wisdom may come as a short and sudden “flash” of the infinite Divine love of God or may be a prolonged sense of ecstasy of being in the presence of God.

The Gift of Wisdom may be heard by a Catholic man when he has struggled with some important life decision and suddenly “knows” what God desires for him to do; similarly, the Gift of Wisdom may be received for a Catholic man growing in holiness as a frequent “knowing” of what to do in the mundane decisions of his daily life. 

The Gift of Wisdom may come as an extended outpouring of new insights which are expansive in breadth and detail which leads a Catholic man to take on, or dramatically improve, some work that God is calling him to do. 

The Gift of Wisdom helps a man grow towards Sainthood

Helps a Catholic man experience God in his daily life

The Gift of Wisdom can supernaturally: 

  • Radically and permanently change a Catholic man’s perception that he is simply a man living in the physical world, to the startling reality that he has an eternal soul, is an adopted son of God who has been created solely for the purpose of doing God’s will on earth, and that he must willingly give himself to God.
  • Grant a Catholic man the wisdom to recognize God’s powerful dominion over all things, to trust in God’s plan of Salvation and to understand that God is leading the willing to Heaven, even in the midst of chaos and evil. 
  • Guide a Catholic man to more regularly perceive the great Spiritual Combat of life, the reality Satan’s constant attacks and the sure help of Saints and Angels, and a growing ability to perceive good and evil in the world. 
  • Transform a Catholic man to see beyond the daily pleasures and pains of earthly life to a mystical life which dwells more and more in the presence of God and recognizes and responds to God’s frequent outpouring of wisdom which guides his thoughts, words in deeds (1 Cor 2:15). 
  • Free a Catholic man from being overwhelmed by anger and anxiety in daily life and lead him to a life which is increasingly filled with joy and peace for he experiences the reality of the Wisdom of God in everything, and is frequently given the consolation of experiencing union with God. 
  • Move a Catholic man from confusion and the constant struggle to “figure things out” to a firm confidence that he will be given the Wisdom of God in the small and great decisions of life. 
  • Give a Catholic man joy even in suffering the most severe trials of life by helping him experience the Passion of the Christ as he carries his own small personal cross. 
  • Fill a Catholic man’s heart with Charity and help him experience God’s wisdom in daily life through a new-found ability to approach others with purity, peacefulness, gentleness, reasonableness, mercy, good fruits, certainty and sincerity (cf. Jas 3:17-18). 

Leads a Catholic man to seek union with God

The Gift of Wisdom can supernaturally: 

  • Draw a Catholic man into deeper union with the Trinity by giving him a profound and growing love of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit and motivating him to seek union with God and receive His wisdom. 
  • Inspire a Catholic man to continually seek to dwell in the conscious presence of God to receive His wisdom and be in constant conversation with God through heartfelt prayer in which he expresses his gratitude, adoration and humbly petitions God for his needs, and the help to abandon himself with docility to God’s will in every area of his life. 
  • Lead a Catholic man to diligently grow in the revealed wisdom of God through deep and constant reflection upon Jesus Christ in His Gospels so he can build his life upon the rock (Mt 7:24).
  • Be drawn into union with Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist by receiving His Body and Blood in the Mass and by frequently bowing before Christ in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. 
  • Form a Catholic man to know how sin kills his ability to grow in the wisdom of God, to more clearly perceive his sinfulness, help him to more effectively reject sin and guide him to continually seek to draw closer to God in the Sacrament of Penance and receive His wisdom; only those who are free from mortal sin and vigorously battle venial sin can receive wisdom from God. 
  • Help a Catholic man to recognize the inherent evil of those in the world who oppose the wisdom of God and His Holy Catholic Church, and to zealously avoid the evil influence of those who control and promote evil in the diseased modern culture, especially in the manipulative influence in government, journalism, entertainment, social media, academia, and corporate activism; a man cannot grow in wisdom if he constantly being influenced those who reject God.

Leads a Catholic man to more perfectly love his neighbor

The Gift of Wisdom can supernaturally: 

  • Provide a Catholic man the wisdom to continually recognize God in the dignity of every single soul whom He has lovingly and purposefully created.
  • Inspire a Catholic man to love every single person and give him the wisdom to know how to speak and act in exactly the right way in his daily interactions with others. 
  • Lead a Catholic man to have the wisdom to be a peacemaker (Jas 3:18) who engages with those who are in conflict and the broken hearted and to bring peace.
  • Move a Catholic man to have the wisdom to take on the many Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy (CCC 2447).