After receiving the Gift of the Fear of the Lord which inspires a man to avoid mortal sin so he can draw ever nearer to, and never be separated from, God, the Holy Spirit endows a man with the Gift of Piety, which protects a man from the vice and sins of Injustice against God and neighbor and to personally and inspires him to grow in virtue and acts of Justice to demonstrate his growing love for God through the practice of Catholicism (Religion) and to act with Justice towards all people. 

The Gift of Piety can strengthen a Catholic man’s commitment to Catholicism and inspire and guide a man’s daily practice of the faith.

The Gift of Piety strengthens a Catholic man’s commitment to Catholicism

Motivates a Catholic man to love and desire to practice Catholicism

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Inspire a Catholic man to desire and build the virtue of Justice by doing his very best to God by taking deliberate and holy acts of Religion in his daily life.
  • Reveal to a Catholic man the astounding truth, goodness and beauty in the religion of the Catholic Church which was given by Jesus Christ, lived by the Apostles and practiced by all the Saints, Martyrs and holy people for two millennia.
  • Move a Catholic man from practicing Catholicism out of an obligation, or to “get something” for himself, to a zealous practice of the faith which is motivated by a growing love for God and a growing awe of the depth and inspiration of the Catholic faith. 
  • Help a Catholic man mature in the faith by moving beyond the routines of the faith (daily prayer, Sunday Mass, weekly Adoration, frequent Confession) to a deeply lived faith which permeates all aspects of his life and leads him to continually seek to draw closer to God and give Him thanks at all times, places and situations in his daily life. 

Inspires a Catholic man to excellence in his acts of Religion

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Protect a Catholic man from Satan’s many temptations to abandon or practice the faith in a half-hearted or lukewarm way, and inspire him to zealously prepare and engage in the acts of the faith.
  • Inspire a Catholic man to strive for excellence in all aspects of his religious life, giving his best in his daily prayers, being rigorous in his Examinations of Conscience, and preparing to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in every Mass as if it were his last one before the Judgment.
  • Sustain a Catholic man with perseverance in the faith during periods of spiritual aridity or great personal trials when he may feel empty, far from God, or unable to perceive Gods’ response to his prayers.  

Protects a Catholic man from Injustice towards God in his acts of Religion

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Reveal to a Catholic man that the only completely just way to practice religion is to practice the Catholic faith; because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to reveal His Gospel and establish His Holy Catholic Church, Catholicism is the only religion which contains the fullness of God’s Truth and other religions contain falsehoods in varying degrees.  
  • Protect a man against impious acts of Religion that are offensive and are an injustice to God and inspires him to acts of Religion that properly give God glory through His Holy Catholic Church; the Holy Spirit supernaturally informs, warns and corrects a Catholic man if he begins to drift towards a false religion, giving him a clear sense of error, a firm resolution to reject falsehood and the Will to return to the sure religious practices of the Catholic Church.
  • Protect a Catholic man against the vice of Irreligion, the deliberate failure of Catholics to keep the bare minimum requirements of the Precepts of the Church, is a mortal sin which results in the loss of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; once the supernatural help from the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are withdrawn, a man is prone to fall into all sorts of other mortal sin, putting him on the road to destruction. The Gift of Piety supernaturally protects a Catholic man from the vice and acts of Irreligion by giving him joy in the practice of Catholicism, prompts to remain steadfast in faith and warnings when a man falters, including feelings of sadness, aloneness, guilt and shame; these works of the Spirit draw and inspire the man to return to Catholic practice.
  • Warn a Catholic man to flee from parishes where God is insulted or mocked by irreverent liturgies, selective or non-Catholic teaching, and/or a parish culture which doesn’t give the highest respect to the Eucharist, the source and summit of the faith. The Gift of Piety helps a man do his best by supernaturally drawing a man to beautiful and holy parishes where priests, deacons, religious, and laymen practice the faith passed down through ages and preserved in Tradition with the deepest reverence and joy.  

The Gift of Piety can strengthen a Catholic man’s practice of the faith

Inspires and deepens a Catholic man’s practice of prayer

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Awaken a man to the reality of God, reminding and inspiring him to draw close to each Person of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in frequent daily prayer. 
  • Convince a Catholic man that, because the Holy Spirit resides in the soul of every Baptized Catholic man, in a real and actual sense, God is as close to a man as his own soul and intimately knows what a man needs. 
  • Help a man be fruitful in prayer, leading him to express his heart-felt gratitude to God, to prayerfully encounter God in Scripture, to petition God for a man’s worldly necessities and to help those who are suffering, and to be able to hear God’s loving responses to his prayers. 
  • Speak to a man’s heart, inspiring a man’s vocal prayers to comfort and guide others; the Holy Spirit can give a man an extraordinary ability to lead his family in daily prayer and help him draw others to God in prayer in times of stress and tragedy. 

 Moves a Catholic man to hunger for the Sacraments

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Remind a Catholic man of his sins and cause him great shame, guilt, and sorrow, especially for his mortal sins which separate him from God and causes him to lose all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Urge a Catholic man to be rigorous in his Examination of Conscience to fully identify his sins, build a deep and perfect contrition for his many sins, frequently make his heart-felt confession and receive forgiveness of his sins in the Sacrament of Penance, and fill his heart and soul with relief, gratitude and joy when he has been forgiven. 
  • Speak to a Catholic man’s heart, reminding him of the astounding truth of the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and give him a hunger to receive the Lord. 
  • Can open a Catholic man’s soul during the Mass to perceive the supernatural reality of the presence of Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle, the presence of the Saints and Angels, the universal and personal call of Scripture, the divine majesty of the Mass, and be overwhelmed by the reception of the Eucharist; after the Mass, the Spirit can lead a man to savor his actual encounter with Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and move him to long for and anticipate his next encounter with Christ in the Eucharist. 

Leads a Catholic man to live a Liturgical life

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Inspire a Catholic man to conform and organize his life  around the Liturgy of the Church, helping him remember and continually live a more robust and devout Catholic faith, including: having a daily discipline of prayer, a weekly routine of keeping the Sabbath and attending Mass to receive the Eucharist, regular reception of the Sacrament of Penance, remembrance and celebration of the Saints and Martyrs on their Feast Days, and engaging in all the various spiritual practices of Advent, Christmastime, Lent and Easter.
  • Lead a Catholic man to explore and practice some of the many ancient and pious devotions of the Saints which speak to the hearts of certain men at certain times for certain reasons, including the Rosary, the Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic processions, Adoration, prayers, novenas, devotions to Saints, pilgrimages, religious orders, etc.; while the Liturgy and the Sacraments remain the essential center of the Catholic faith, the Church recognizes many popular devotions as helpful in the spiritual lives of men (CCC 1674-1676, 1679). 
  • Move a Catholic man to regularly pray for the faithfully departed (CCC 1030-1032) and seek frequent Indulgences through various acts of piety which can reduce the great suffering of the “purifying fire” of the souls in Purgatory (CCC 1471-1479, 1498), cleansing them of the effects of their sins and prepare them for Heaven. 
  • Fortify a Catholic man to seek to imitate Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross by making voluntary sacrifices in reparation for his own sins and the sins of the world, including: fasting from food, drink, or other pleasures (media, games, etc.) on Fridays and during Lent; generously giving money to Catholic charities and his parish; committing his time and talent to many pious Works of Mercy. 
  • Protect a Catholic man by inspiring him to frequently turn to God many times a day in pious acts (prayers, devotions, speaking to one’s Guardian Angel, etc.) which provide a protective spiritual shield and defense against the attacks of Satan and his demons.

Inspires a Catholic man to grow in devotion to the Saints and Angels

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Inspire a Catholic man to a deeper awe, love and veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, cause him to regularly seek their intercession, move him to take acts of consecration, and make special acts of veneration on the special feast days set aside for the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. 
  • Lead a Catholic man to be awed by and seek the intercession of the mighty Angels, particularly St. Michael the Archangel who offers protection against Satan, and a man’s personal Guardian Angel, who vigilantly stands ready to protect a Catholic man during his entire life. 
  • Guide a Catholic man to seek communion with the Saints who are in Heaven with God and seek their intercession, including: venerating and honoring Patron Saints, seeking the intercession of particular Saints for particular needs, and regularly honoring the Saints on their Feast days. 

Guides a Catholic man to strive to treat others justly

The Gift of Piety can supernaturally:

  • Reveal to a Catholic man that, just like him, each person has been deliberately created by God with an inherent dignity and a special purpose in the building of the Kingdom of God.
  • Remind a man of the special spiritual family bond he has with all those who have been baptized and have become adopted children of God, especially his brothers and sisters who have been confirmed in the Catholic Church.
  • Inspire a Catholic man to honor and respect God by treating all the souls He has created with respect, honor and love.