Following the increasing desire to reject sin and draw closer to God through the Gift of the Fear of the Lord, the Gift of Piety gives a man a strong spiritual impulse which leads him to show his gratitude to God through deliberate acts of religion (prayer, sacrifice, mortifications, the Sacraments, vocations, etc.) and more broadly build a life which seeks to honor God all the time in all things, not just during times of religious acts. 

The Gift of Piety protects the man from simply going through the motions of religious acts and supernaturally fills his heart with great joy in honoring and showing gratitude to God. 

The Gift of Piety also supernaturally leads a man to be filled with a new ability, desire and action to honor and love every other person who are justly owed respect and love; the Spirit reveals to the man that every person he meets was purposefully created and is personally loved by God, which leads a man to desire to love others as God loves them.

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