The Cardinal Virtue of Justice is the good habit of giving God and each person what is rightly due and is opposed by the vice of Injustice. Human Justice can be supernaturally infused by the Holy Spirit through the Gifts of the Fear of the Lord and Piety. To grow in Justice, a man must focus on building the sub-virtues of Justice which will lead him to most consistently take just actions.

The Virtue of Justice

“Justice is the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbor. Justice toward God is called the “virtue of religion.” Justice toward men disposes one to respect the rights of each and to establish in human relationships the harmony that promotes equity with regard to persons and to the common good. The just man, often mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures, is distinguished by habitual right thinking and the uprightness of his conduct toward his neighbor” (CCC 1807). The man steeped in Justice is peaceful and confident as deals with injustice in the world. 

The Vice of Injustice

In opposition to Justice is the vice of Injustice, which opposes giving God His due as the Creator of man and fails to give one’s neighbor his due, what is rightly owed to him. The Unjust man ignores and disrespects God and seeks to unfairly gain more for himself at the expense of his neighbor and the common good, and does so as a habit, in which the unjust man routinely put’s his own desires above the needs of others. The Unjust man experiences anger, guilt and cruel pleasure as he performs unjust acts.

The Gift of Fear of the Lord and the Gift of Piety

To help a man grow in Justice, the Holy Spirit gives a receptive man who is in a state of grace the Gift of the Fear of the Lord and the Gift of Piety. Starting with the prudent fear of just punishment for a man’s sins, the Gift of the Fear of God lifts a man to be full of such awe and respect for God who grants him all things in perfect love, that a man is full of gratitude and fears offending God, leading him to seek to always strive to please God by living a life of justice. The Gift of Piety inspires a man with a profound respect for God and for all men created by God, leading him to strive to think and act in ways which offers God and every man his due. 

The Parts of Justice

Justice has several parts, or sub-virtues, each of which are opposed by various vices: 

Virtue of Religion

The Virtue of Obedience/Piety

The Virtue of  Observance/Courtesy

The Virtue of Gratitude

The Virtue of Vindication

The Virtue of Truthfulness/Honesty

The Virtue of Fraternity/Affability

The Virtue of Generosity/Liberality

The Virtue of Kindness

The Virtue of Responsibility/Duty

The Virtue of Defense/Protection