The Almighty Father is divine and perfectly exercises His Dominion and Providence to create and sustain all things and He slowly reveals Himself to man. 

The Divinity of the Almighty Father

God the Almighty Father exists outside of His Creation and is the beginning and end of all things. He is a Divine Person who is perfect in love, wisdom and power, has Dominion over everything that exists and rules through His Providence in a plan of sheer goodness so that every man might find true and lasting happiness. 

The Almighty Father exists outside of time and space

The Almighty Father exists before Creation (CCC 290) and is being itself (CCC 213), without beginning or end (CCC 212-213), and is living and active (CCC 205). Man, who experiences his existence in the world with its unavoidable pattern of cause and effect, cannot fully comprehend the mysterious reality that the Father has always existed and nothing caused the Father; the Father simply IS. 

The Almighty Father is perfect

The Almighty Father is perfect (Latin, prefectus, meaning “excellent, complete, exquisite”; CCC 1, 48) in and of Himself and is infinite, unchanging, almighty, and too great to express in human language (CCC 202, 206, 2086). For a man who is a contingent being, depending on others and the earth, who lives and dies, sins and commits noble acts, the reality of the Almighty Father who is perfect, Who exists without ability or need to change because He is divine perfection, is difficult to grasp. 

The Almighty Father is love

The Almighty Father in His very being is love (2 Cor 13:11; 1 Jn 4:16; CCC 218-221) and He desires that every man be drawn by His love into the perfection of eternal happiness in the Beatific Vision (“the vision of happiness”, CCC 163, 1028) in Heaven (CCC 1042-1060).

The Almighty Father’s overflowing love is because of His goodness (Mt 19:17; Lk 18:19; Jas 1:5) which is demonstrated by His supreme mercy and patience (CCC 210). The greatest evidence of the Father’s divine love for every man is that, because of His great mercy (CCC 211), He “so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son” (Jn 3:16) so that every willing man might be saved, be sanctified, and find true and lasting happiness. There is no end to the Father’s unchanging love; it will last forever (CCC 220) so it is a love that every man can rely upon. 

The Almighty Father has dominion over all that exists

Dominion (Latin, dominium and related words, means, “property, ownership, master of the house”); the Father has Divine Dominion (ownership) over His Creation (property, house) and is the indisputable Lord of Creation with absolute authority (Mt 11:25; CCC 239, 307) and everyone and everything is subject to Him and His Will (CCC 269).

The Almighty Father has absolute Dominion because He is omniscient (all knowing) and omnipotent (all powerful). The Father is omniscient for He knows everything (1 Jn 3:20) and nothing is hidden from Him (Heb 4:13), including every man’s inner desires and needs (Mt 6:8, 32) which reside hidden in his heart (Acts 1:24; Rom 8:27). He is the sum of all Wisdom (CCC 216) who is the perfection of Truth; nothing the Father says can be contradicted and everything He says can be trusted (CCC 215-217). The Almighty Father has all power (omnipotence) which includes, but is greater, than every power in the known universe; He has infinite power over everything and can do everything (CCC 268). All things are possible (Mk 14:36) and nothing is impossible (Lk 1:37; CCC 274, 276) for the Father.

The Almighty Father’s infinite wisdom and power is demonstrated by His perfection and holiness (Mt 5:48, 6:9, 1 Pt 1:15-16) and in His fullness of grace, truth and glory (Jn 1:14); His holiness and man’s insignificance causes men who encounter and recognize Him to be full of awe and reverence (CCC 208). Every man of good will should rightly bow down and joyously submit to the Almighty Fathers’ Dominion (CCC 223); whether a man knows it or not, Creation and every man is under the Father’s Dominion and He is the rightful Lord over all. 

While the Almighty Father transcends His Creation, He remains ever present to every single soul (CCC 300) even though He is not visible to a man’s senses (Mt 6:6, 18; Jn 1:18). Rather than ruling His Dominion as a invisible superpower, He rules as a loving Father who out of His infinite love and mercy, desires for every person to come to Him as sons and daughters (2 Cor 6:18), to be forgiven of their sins (CCC 270), and be raised from the dead and granted eternal life (CCC 298). 

The Almighty Father exerts His Providence over the world

The Almighty Father has Providence (Latin, providentia, meaning “foreknowledge, act with foresight”), is Lord over all things, and lovingly carries out His Divine Plan to guide mankind towards salvation across human history (CCC 257, 302-305). Nothing in the world happens which the Almighty Father does not explicitly will or allow to happen for His greater glory (CCC 272-273); no one and nothing can oppose His will (CCC 275). 

The Almighty Father establishes and sustains His Creation

Out of His perfect love, wisdom, and power, the Almighty Father and Creator creates all that exists out of nothing and through His Divine Providence sustains the world.

The Almighty Father Creates out of love

The Father Almighty, the Creator, uses His perfect love, wisdom, and power to create everything, all the heaven and earth and all that is upon the earth (CCC 279); all of Creation is the joint work of the Blessed Trinity (CCC 290-292). 

The Almighty Father “in a plan of sheer goodness” (CCC 1) created the world through an outpouring of His love and goodness (CCC 293) so that all of His creatures might know His glory (CCC 293) and share in His being, wisdom, and goodness (CCC 295).

The Almighty Father, the Creator, creates everything out of nothing

The Almighty Father, with His only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit, brings all things into existence (CCC 290, 292). In His infinite wisdom and power, the Almighty Father needs no pre-existing material or help to create the entirety of all the heavens and earth, creates everything out of nothing (CCC 296-297), and establishes a good and right order in the world (CCC 269).

The Almighty Father creates the Heavens and Earth (CCC 325-327), the Angels (CCC 328-336), and the entirety of the visible world including all the creatures on earth (CCC 337-354). In a culminating act of Creation, the Father, with the Son and Holy Spirit, creates man (CCC 355-368). The Father so loves mankind that He has created them in His image and likeness (CCC 225) and establishes two sexes, male and female (CCC 369-373). The Almighty Father is the sole cause of man’s creation, redemption, and sanctification (CCC 1352). 

The Almighty Father sustains His Creation through His Divine Providence

The Almighty Father did not create a dead and stagnant universe, but one which is constantly moving towards His providential vision of ultimate perfection; the loving and perfect Father sustains, protects, and guides Creation towards perfection (CCC 301-302). 

The Almighty Father is always and everywhere active in His Divine Providence, exercising absolute sovereignty over everything that happens in existence (CCC 303); nothing happens in His Creation which He does not cause or allow. God’s Divine Providence includes the existence of evil, an astounding and mysterious blessing, by which the Father’s great and perfect Providence triumphs in the world (CCC 309-314). 

The Almighty Father, in His infinite love and power, allows His Divine Providence to come into existence through the cooperation of man, giving each man who He has created in His image and likeness the dignity of free will and the ability to cooperate with the Father’s plan (CCC 306); He shares His Divine Dominion with man, allowing men to have dominion over the world, not to do as men please, but to do His will (CCC 307, 2415). The Almighty Father’s will is that every man be saved through the knowledge of the truth and to love as the Father loves (CCC 2822) so he can enter into the Father’s Kingdom of Heaven and find eternal Beatitude (Mt 5:3-11).

The Almighty Father begins to reveal Himself

The Almighty Father reveals Himself to mankind in steps over time. The Father draws near to Adam and Noah but withholds His name, and also does not reveal His name to Abraham when He establishes a covenant with him (CCC 59). 

It is to Moses, the Almighty Father first reveals His name as “I AM He who is” (Yhwh, in Hebrew), a name which mysteriously refers to the Father’s infinite being, but is impersonal and impossible for man to comprehend in fullness (CCC 230), and for His own mysterious reasons, He does not reveal that His name is “Father” (CCC 2779); never-the-less, the Almighty Father draws close to mankind (CCC 205-207). Moses is so overwhelmed with fear and awe at the Almighty Father’s holiness that he takes off his shoes and hides his face (Ex 3:1-6; CCC 208); Israel will so revere and fear the Father, they will not mention His name (“I AM, or Yhwh) in words or writing and instead refer to Him by the divine title LORD (CCC 209), a title used thousands of times in the Old Testament. 

Though the Almighty Father is overwhelmingly known as the “I AM” (Ywwh, LORD) in the Old Testament, the Father also offers small glimpses of the reality that His name is “Father” when He is likened to a father by the prophets (Is 63:16; Tob 13:4; Sir 23:1, 4); it will not be until the Almighty Father sends His Son that the world-changing reality that He is Father will be revealed and understood.