While the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (CCC 1830) are given to men at their Baptism and Confirmation, when the Holy Spirit takes up residence in a Catholic man’s soul, the Holy Spirit patiently builds upon a man’s willingness to reject sin and his desire to grow in holiness, and allows His Gifts to be more fully present in a man’s life over time based on the Holy Spirit’s perfect understanding of a man’s need and readiness. 

The Holy Spirit gives each man the necessary supernatural inspiration at the right time, in the right place, with the right and necessary specific Gifts so a man can achieve the mission God created and calls each individual man to achieve. The more a Catholic man seeks and cooperates with the Gifts of the Spirit, the more fully will the Holy Spirit provide Gifts to the man.

While every man is different at each stage of his life and his ability to accept and cooperate with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit varies, Pope St. Gregory the Great proposed a “logic” for how the Holy Spirit uses the Gifts in a man’s life as he ascends in holiness on the spiritual pilgrimage towards Sainthood and Heaven:

The Gift of the Fear of the Lord

The Gift of Piety

The Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Fortitude

The Gift of Counsel

The Gift of Understanding

The Gift of Wisdom