Deadly Sins and Lively Virtues

Deadly Sin

Lively Virtue

Pride – Disobedience, Boastfulness, Hypocrisy, Argumentative, Stubbornness, Divisive, Nonconformity, Showing off with material things, Strutting, Primping, 

Humility – Obedience, Self-deprecation, Honesty, Goodwill, Reasonableness, Unifying, Conformity, Modesty in materialism, Graceful demeanor.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Understanding

Wrath – Irritable, Sullenness, Callousness, Harshness, Condemnation, Disdain, Agitation, Indignation, Scoffing, Seethe, Hostility, Impatience, Aggression. Insulting, Intolerance, Violence, Lack of forgiveness, Angry words or acts.

Meekness – Cheerful, Engaging, Tenderness, Gentleness, Respect, Calmness, Accepting, Praise, Peacefulness, Friendliness, Patience, Passivity, Mannerly, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Pleasant words or acts.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Counsel

Envy – Hatred, Gossip, Calumny, Undermining, Joy at another’s misfortune, Jealousy, Suspicion.

Kindness – Love, Restraint, Evenhandedness, Supportiveness, Sympathy, Joy at another’s gains, Trust.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Piety

Lust – Sexual craving, Sexual gaze, Sexual imagining, Sexual objectification, Sexual obsession, Viewing pornography (lewd, morbid), Sexual acts outside of marriage, Homosexual or bestial acts, Immodest acts or words.

Chastity – Custody of the eyes, respecting modesty, Respecting the person, Ambivalence regarding another’s sexual characteristics, Abstaining from sinful sexual acts, Selfless giving in marital acts, Modesty in acts and words.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Fear of the Lord

Gluttony – Excessive attention on food or alcohol (drugs), Drunkenness, Unseemly pleasure in eating, Finicky, Over-eating, Over-consumption of media (Music, TV, Internet), Excessive curiosity, Wasting time on the trivial, Thrill seeking, Obsession or extravagance with experiences or hobbies.

Temperance – Moderate interest in food or alcohol (drugs), Sobriety, Measured enjoyment of food, Eating what’s served, Moderation in eating, Selective consumption of media, Avoidance of curiosity, Avoiding timewasters, Avoiding unnecessary danger, Simplicity and moderation in experience seeking.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Fortitude

Sloth – Ambiance in seeking holiness, Laziness, Avoidance of difficult situations, Disinterest, Physical inactivity, Slovenliness or uncleanness, Apathy, Lethargic, Procrastination, Disorder.

Diligence – Seeks holiness, Industriousness, Fortitude in dealing with challenges, Active engagement, Healthy exertion, Cleanliness and respectful appearance, Engaging and interested, Energetic, Timely action, Organized.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Wisdom

Greed – Love of money or material things, Hoarding, Use of treachery, fraud or lies to win, Stealing, Restlessness, Excessive careerism, Workaholism, Stinginess.

Generosity – Detachment from worldly possessions, Acceptance of poverty, Just acts in business dealings, giving to others, Satisfied, Prudent career management, Work/life balance, Liberality.

Gift of the Holy Spirit – Knowledge