Jesus desires for you to find true and lasting happiness, both in your life today and in your eternal life to come. The Every Catholic Man (ECM) Devotional is designed to help you grow in happiness in 15 minutes a day or less by praying the ECM Daily Gospel Devotions. The ECM Devotional also includes a number of additional resources to help you grow in holiness and happiness. 

Discovering Jesus’ promise of true and lasting happiness

God’s deepest desire is that every man might choose to receive the true and lasting happiness Jesus Christ promises in His Gospel, which might be called the “Gospel of Happiness.” While every man pursues and can often experience pleasures and happiness in the world, many men experience periods of unhappiness and the relentless pursuit of happiness never ends. 

In the Incarnation, Jesus promises that every man can share in His true and lasting happiness and lays down His life so that every man might be saved, and ultimately be drawn into the eternal happiness of Heaven by being with the Almighty Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and all the Angels and Saints, forever. 

Using the ECM Daily Gospel Devotional to pursue happiness

The ECM Devotional has been carefully designed to incorporate all the essential Catholic habits which lead to holiness and happiness in a systematic way. By building the “master-habit” of consistently committing to spend 15 minutes a day praying the ECM Daily Gospel Devotions, every Catholic man can draw closer to God, become a better Catholic man who more fully loves and serves God and others, and find the true and lasting happiness Jesus promises. 

By building the “master-habit” of praying the ECM Daily Gospel Devotions, you can:  

Praying the Daily Devotions to grow in happiness

Every Catholic man, no matter where he is in his faith life, can grow in holiness and happiness by praying the ECM Daily Gospel Devotions each day. Here’s how you can get started in praying the ECM Daily Gospel Devotions: 

  • Find the ECM Daily Gospel Devotion by going the Calendar of ECM Daily Gospel Devotions.

  • Look up the daily Gospel passage in your bible.

  • Begin in prayer by making the Sign of the Cross, praying the Our Father and Hail Mary, thanking God for some of your blessings, confessing your sins to God and saying you are sorry, and asking for God’s mercy. 

  • Meditate upon the daily Gospel and make notes if you are moved to do so.

  • Meditate upon the Daily Devotion and make notes if you are moved to do so. Pray the prayers out loud (Pray section).

  • Present your other petitions to God for yourself and others.

  • Rest in the presence of God and listen to what God wants to say to you. 

  • End with the Sign of the Cross.

Going further 

The Every Catholic Man website offers a comprehensive set of tools to help a man grow in holiness and happiness by becoming a better Catholic Son and Catholic Father on the ascent towards Sainthood and Heaven. Here is an overview of the extensive resources available on Every Catholic Man:

Pray, asking God to guide you to areas that He wants you to consider and then browse the website.