A “litany” is a prayer which makes a petition to God (or a saint or angel) and then begs Him to hear and answer the prayer. There is an ancient custom within the Holy Catholic Church of praying these kinds of petition-imploring types of prayers. 

The ECM Litanies of Virtue follow this same ancient pattern with an emphasis on seeking to grow in a particular virtue to battle against its opposing vice; for example, a man needs to grow in the Virtue of Humility to battle against the Vice of Pride. 

Within each of the ECM Litanies of Virtue is the practical definitions of the virtue, including the mindsets and emotions that are associated with the opposing vice as well as the mindsets and emotions which lead to the virtue.

To grow in a virtue, the Church teaches that a man must have the help of the Holy Spirit through His Gifts. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are directly related to growing in each virtue. Within the ECM Litanies of Virtue are petitions to the Holy Spirit to grant His Gift needed for that virtue. 

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The ECM Litanies of Virtue

Litany of Faith (Against Doubt)

Litany of Hope (Against Despair)

Litany of Charity (Against Hatred)

Litany of Prudence (Against Imprudence)

Litany of Justice (Against Injustice)

Litany of Fortitude (Against Effeminacy)

Litany of Humility (Against Pride)

Litany of Meekness (Against Wrath)

Litany of Chastity (Against Lust)

Litany of Temperance (Against Gluttony)

Litany of Diligence (Against Sloth)

Litany of Generosity (Against Greed)

Litany of Kindness (Against Envy)