The miracles (Latin, miraculum, meaning “object of wonder”, “to marvel, be astonished” and related to the word which means to “smile, laugh”) are supernatural words and acts which are only possible through the will and act of God. 

Jesus Christ, in His Incarnation, offers many miracles which confirm His Divinity and the coming of His Kingdom, and are given as a blessing so that men may come to believe in Him and receive His Salvation (CCC 156, 515, 547-549, 1335); the miracles of Jesus Christ, Savior of Man, are a blessing given to men, so that every man might “marvel, be astonished” and “smile and laugh”, and be drawn into the happiness Jesus promises to grant men. 

Confirming the reality that He is the Son of God and the Savior of Mankind, Jesus demonstrates His Divine Love for all of mankind by His Divine Knowledge and Divine Power, supernatural abilities that are beyond the abilities of mere human beings. 

Below, numerous examples from the Gospels where Jesus demonstrated both His supernatural knowledge and supernatural power are discussed. In addition, the chart at the bottom of this article include deeper references to a select group of Jesus’ miracles.