Welcome to the Every Catholic Man Lenten Gospel Devotional.

To help you be better prepared to give Jesus your best during Lent, the Every Catholic Man Gospel Devotional will be posted every day during Lent through Easter Sunday, including a full transcript and the EveryCatholicMan.com Podcast

Consider gathering with others to use the Devotional as a bible study; perhaps with your family or with some friends. Studying together is a great way to help you more fully meditate upon what Christ is calling you to do during Lent.

For February 15, 2024, the daily Gospel from the Mass reveals how Jesus shocks the Apostles by revealing that they must be willing to follow Him in Crucifixion. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Magnanimity so he can commit to the greatness of the Cross of Christ and by growing in the Virtue of Prayer so he can joyfully bear his own Cross.

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