Jesus shows His deep compassion, Divine Power and incredible stamina by healing multitudes. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by seeking the Gift of the Fear of the Lord from the Holy Spirit shoe can recognize, fear and trust God’s Almighty Power and by seeking the Gift of Piety so he can be strengthened by the Spirit in prayer. 


5th Week in Ordinary Time – Monday – Mk 6:53-56


Following Jesus’ miraculous Feeding of the 5000 and the mysterious and overwhelming demonstration of His Divine Power by walking on water, Jesus and the Apostles land at Gennesaret, a small town on the west shore of the Sea of Galilee. When Jesus reaches the shore, He is immediately recognized, and His presence causes a great commotion; many who attempted to draw near to Jesus earlier were disappointed when He left by boat, but now are inspired with great hope that they can finally draw near Him. 

Even early in His public ministry, Jesus’ great compassion and miraculous healing power had changed the lives of many, both those healed and their families; the fervent anticipation of Jesus’ return and the frenzied response of the multitudes when He did return,  gave concrete proof of Jesus’ miraculous healing power. Seeing Jesus, the people immediately ran throughout the nearby neighborhoods and men quickly mobilized, desperate but full of hope, carrying their sick loved ones to Jesus, praying for a miracle for themselves as others had already experienced. 

Jesus, robust and active, travels to every kind of place: He goes to villages, towns and into the countryside; He goes to the markets (like the modern shopping mall), the places where everyday people gathered together. Men carried the suffering to the markets, lining up, anxiously waiting for hours for the chance to encounter Christ, willing to humiliate themselves by begging to gain His attention, even for a moment. With desperation and faith, they even sought to touch the prayer tassels of Jesus’ cloak; remarkably, many who showed this great level of faith were blessed to be healed, as Jesus’ Divine Power mysteriously flows out from Him. 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Be inspired by the Empathy/Compassion of Jesus and His Divine Power and Presence: His record of miracles and Divine Presence is so compelling that desperate people scurry to bring their sick loved ones to Jesus; with astounding faith, the people beg, not for Jesus to stoop and touch their sick loved ones but simply to allow the sick to touch a tassel on His cloak; mysteriously, supernatural Powerflows out of Jesus through His cloak, a prefigurement of the veneration of the saints through relics. 

Recognize, fear and trust God’s Almighty Power

Realize: As demonstrated by His many miracles, which include the healing of the incurable, the casting out of demons, the absolute control over nature to create or change material things and alter weather, Jesus has astounding supernatural power, a power that when witnessed by men often causes great fear and repentance. 

Believe: Reflect upon God’s Almighty Power (CCC 268-278).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of The Fear of the Lord so I am always awed by Your Almighty Power over my destiny, trust in Your Divine Mercy, dread being separated from You by my choices to sin, and always reject sin and strive to do Your Will so I can be saved and received into Heaven. 

Be strengthened in prayer by the Spirit

Realize: While the multitudes struggled to get physically close to Jesus during the Incarnation, today, every Catholic man is blessed to be able to draw close to Jesus at anytime by drawing upon the Holy Catholic Church’s rich tradition of prayer. 

Believe: Review the Expressions of Prayer (CCC 2700-2724).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Piety so I am moved by You to want to pray, know how to speak to each Person of the Trinity and hear Your response, strive to draw near to You each day through vocal prayer, meditation and contemplation.