While many Catholic men falter in the faith and struggle to find happiness, there are millions of Catholic men who have been blessed to choose to receive the true and lasting happiness Jesus promises and zealously practice the faith; their lives are vibrant, joyful, purposeful, and they live with a contagious Catholicism which inspires and blesses their spouses, children, families, friends and many in the world. Despite the extraordinary fruit in their lives, these heroic Catholic men are ever eager to become even more fruitful in Christ.

These blessed Catholic men who more fully receive the happiness Jesus promises, have come to believe and fully embrace three things every Catholic man must believe: 1) Jesus is the Savior of Man, 2) the man has a life-and-death personal need for Jesus to save him, and 3) the practice of Catholicism will lead to true and lasting happiness.

Thankfully, through the Almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and the magnificent teachings of the Catholic Church, the reasons why these three beliefs are reasonable can be understood by every man of good will who is willing to take the time to pursue the reality of truth: 

Jesus Christ is the Savior of Man

Jesus Christ is sent by the Almighty Father in the Incarnation as the only Savior of Man who confronts Satan and his kingdom, and engages in a fierce life-and-death battle to defeat Satan, save every willing man, and expand His Father’s Kingdom on earth. 

A man must personally seek Jesus Christ to be his Savior

A man must acknowledge his own unavoidable death, recognize that he will be judged and that he will either be one of the Damned in Hell or a Saint in Heaven. Once a man understands his true situation, he must realize it is impossible for him to become a Saint on his own, and that he personally needs Jesus Christ to save him. 

Jesus establishes His Holy Catholic Church Militant

As demonstrated by His continuous battles against Satan and his accomplices during the Incarnation, Jesus desires for men to recognize and engage in the spiritual battle and their desperate need for help in the battle against Satan. After appointing Peter to lead His Apostles and giving them the mission to convert the entire world, Jesus’ men soon become known as the Catholic Church Militant because of the reality of the ongoing battle for Jesus against Satan for the salvation of mankind. The Apostles and their successors up to this day, confirm the reality of the spiritual battle and continue to use militaristic metaphors to inspire and mobilize men. 

Every man can find happiness in Christ’s Holy Catholic Church

Jesus Christ purposefully built a fighting Church, the Catholic Church Militant, by attracting heroic men and every Catholic man can come to realize the astounding blessings which the Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit offer men through the Holy Catholic Church. 

Every Catholic man who believes and commits to these three things can be assured that he will grow in the true and lasting happiness that Jesus promises, both in this life and the life to come.