Jesus battles and conquers evil in the Incarnation

The Almighty Father sends His only begotten Son to defeat the kingdom of Satan and to expand His Kingdom on earth so that men can find His true and lasting happiness. Throughout the Gospels, Jesus is continually engaged in a life-and-death battle against Satan and his human accomplices and decisively declares His absolute victory during His Passion; while Jesus has conquered death and Satan during the Incarnation, battles on earth for the souls of men will continue until His Second Coming when He will eradicate Satan and those who still oppose Him.

Throughout His Incarnation, Jesus vigorously engages and is victorious in the supernatural battle against Satan and evil for the purpose of saving men from sin, unhappiness, death and eternal agony.  To help men come to understand His identity and mission, Jesus proclaims He is the Son of God and Savior of Man and overwhelmingly  demonstrates His Divine Knowledge and Power to save through His many words and deeds. Many of those who witnessed His life and works come to believe Jesus is the Savior of Man and His Church from the earliest days continues to proclaim the truth that Jesus is absolutely necessary for a man’s salvation and to enter into the Father’s Kingdom.

After evaluating the facts of the case for Jesus as the Savior of mankind, to fully accept Jesus as Savior, a man is ultimately moved by the Holy Spirit to make a full assent to faith in Christ; faith is a gift from God to those who are ready to accept faith (CCC 166-184).