As demonstrated by His continuous battles against Satan and his accomplices during the Incarnation, Jesus desires for men to recognize and engage in the spiritual battle and their desperate need for help in the battle against Satan. After appointing Peter to lead His Apostles and giving them the mission to convert the entire world, Jesus’ men soon become known as the Catholic Church Militant because of the reality of the ongoing battle for Jesus against Satan for the salvation of mankind. The Apostles and their successors up to this day, confirm the reality of the spiritual battle and continue to use militaristic metaphors to inspire and mobilize men. 

Jesus establishes the Catholic Church Militant

To ensure that His men would continue in the spiritual battle against evil to evangelize the world (Mt 28:16-20), Jesus establishes His Catholic Church on a “war footing” and His Kingdom on earth becomes known as the Catholic Church Militant.

The Church on earth becomes known as the Catholic Church Militant

From the earliest days after the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Almighty Father, the Apostles were under constant attack and came to see and speak of the Church as an army of soldiers who were engaged in a spiritual battle against Satan and evil

Jesus builds His Church Militant upon the leadership of men

Jesus, the Perfection of Wisdom and Power, deliberately chose to build His Church Militant upon the leadership of men by choosing exclusively men to lead His Church and, though Jesus loves and blesses women, throughout the Gospels, Jesus focuses predominately on engaging and converting men to build His Church. 

In these troubling and confused times, some will bristle and reject the presentation of the irrefutable evidence of God’s consistent call for men to “step into the breach” and lead His Holy Catholic Church and families because they view patriarchy, masculinity, and male headship as somehow insulting to women. Instead, every Catholic should instead consider the grave challenges of the Church in the modern world and see this as a call to action for every Catholic man to aspire to be a sacrificial spiritual leader of his family who is prepared to lay down his life for Christ’s Holy Catholic Church Militant, his wife and children, and for the salvation of many.