Jesus heals a multitude and His kinsmen believe He is insane and seek to seize Him. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by seeking the Gift of Wisdom from the Holy Spirit so he can more fully grasp the two natures of Jesus Christ and build the Virtue of Defense so he can accept and fulfill his duty to be a Catholic father who protects the weak and vulnerable.


2nd Week in Ordinary Time – Saturday – Mk 3:20-21


As Jesus’ reputation grows through His preaching and many healing miracles, great crowds begin to follow Him, sometimes becoming dangerously enthusiastic (Mk 3:9). Jesus begins to prepare for His worldwide Church by appointing the 12 apostles who can help in His ministry and who will be the foundation of His Holy Catholic Church.  

Jesus leads the newly appointed Apostles back to Simon-Peter’s house in the seaside city of Capernaum, Jesus’ Galilean base of operations. The multitudes of sick and needy people realize Jesus has returned and they rush to find Him, converging on, and overfilling Peter’s modest home. The crush of humanity and their desperate cries for healing and food is so great that Jesus and the disciples find it difficult to even share a meal.  

Jesus’ male relatives, probably from the extended families of  St. Joseph (Joseph is no longer alive) and the Blessed Virgin Mary, likely included uncles and older cousins (Jesus, the only Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, has no siblings). In the ancient Holy Lands, the bonds of kin were strong, and the men of extended families were obligated to protect their own and defend the honor of the family; defending the honor of a family helped secure its place in society and protected it from being perceived as weak, and vulnerable to attack. Hearing of Jesus’ growing following and the conflicts with Jewish leaders, His kin perceive a threat to the family and seek to “seize” Jesus (same word used for Jesus’ eventual arrest by the Jews) and return Him to the quiet work of a carpenter in Nazareth. His male kin, who somehow have mysteriously not perceived Christ’s divinity despite living near Him for decades, believe that Jesus is “out of His mind”, perhaps even that He is demon-possessed; the scribes will soon accuse Jesus of being in league with Beelzebul (Satan). 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at Jesus’ incredible physical Stamina that He demonstrates throughout His public ministry: He keeps a grueling schedule, working long hours, often praying through the night; He is constantly moving, hiking long distances; He often sleeps out of doors throughout the year. 

Seek wisdom to grasp the two natures of Jesus 

Realize: The confusion of the male kin of Jesus is because they only perceive Jesus’ Human Nature, mistakenly assuming that Jesus is simply a mere man and failing to recognize His Divine Nature; Jesus for His own glorious purpose, mysteriously keeps His Divine Nature partially hidden during much of His lifetime. 

Believe: Reflect upon the astounding truth that Jesus is a Divine Person with Two Natures (CCC 456-483).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Wisdom so I may be drawn into union with Jesus, know the reality of His two natures, meditate upon the Gospels and be inspired by both His human and divine natures, and live my life with an ability to frequently be aware of Christ’s mysterious and powerful Divine Presence 

Accept and zealously fulfill your duty as a Catholic father

Realize: While misguided by their opposition to Jesus’ public ministry, Jesus’ male kin seek to fulfill their God-given duties to be protectors of their family; every Catholic man is called by God to be a protector of his family (Gen 2:15).

Believe: Review the Duties of Catholic Fathers (CCC 5, 1653, 1656, 2221-2231, 2688).

Pray: Almighty Father, help me build the Virtue of Defense/Protection (a part of Justice) so, like St. Joseph, I always live up to the duty You have given me to spiritually, physically, and mentally protect my family. St. Joseph, pray for me.