Every Catholic man who is blessed to come to believe the reality that Jesus Christ is the Savior of Man and that he personally needs Jesus to be his Savior, is received into Christ’s Holy Catholic Church Militant (the Catholic Church on earth) and begins his pilgrimage towards the eternal happiness of being with the Blessed Trinity and all the Saints and Angels in Heaven forever.

The vocation, or work, of Catholic Manhood progresses through 3 stages: Catholic Son, Catholic Father, and Catholic Saint. A Catholic man grows through the 3 stages, with each stage building upon and including the past stage through the disciplined practice of a variety of holy habits which must be mastered and maintained.

Every Catholic Man provides a systematic approach to help understand and grow in the habits of Catholic Manhood by becoming a better Catholic Son and Catholic Father.

There are 14 Major Habits of Catholic Manhood: 7 Major Habits for Catholic Sons (Major Habits 1-7) and 7 Major Habits for Catholic Fathers (Major Habits 8-14). 

Each of the Major Habits are broken into smaller groups of habits (52 in number) which a man can focus upon and strive to master. 

During 2024, Every Catholic Man will publish one of the 52 habits of Catholic Manhood each week on Wednesdays in honor of St. Joseph. 

Becoming a Better Catholic Son

The major goal during the first stage of the spiritual life of a Catholic man as a Catholic Son is to bring a man’s selfish thoughts and acts under control and to live his life as commanded by the Blessed Trinity so that he can resist the constant attacks and temptations of Satan and be an obedient and holy Catholic Son.

There are 7 Major Habits of Catholic Sons (Major Habits 1-7 of Catholic Manhood) and 24 smaller Habits which can help a man grow in his vocation as a Catholic Son. The more vigorously a man meditates upon and practices these habits the more he will accelerate his spiritual ascent, particularly if he focuses upon habits which are holding him back in his spiritual life.

Major Habit 1 – Make Union with God your Ultimate Purpose

Habit 1 – Become an adopted son of God

Habit 2 – Engage in Deep Daily Prayer

Habit 3 – Study the Life of Jesus Christ

Habit 4 – Repent and frequently Receive the Sacrament of Penance

Habit 5 – Frequently draw close to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist

Habit 6 – Seek and receive the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Major Habit 2 – Be Continually Formed in the Catholic Church

Habit 7 – Study the Dogma of the Catholic Church

Habit 8 – Study the Lives of the Saints

Habit 9 – Study under the Guidance of Trusted Catechists

Major Habit 3 – Live a Rich Liturgical Life

Habit 10 – Center your life upon the Liturgy

Habit 11 – Consecrate yourself to the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph

Habit 12 – Seek the Intercession of the Angels

Habit 13 – Be drawn into the Communion of the Saints

Major Habit 4 – Battle against Sin and Vice

Habit 14 – Recognize sin and make deliberate plans to stop sinning

Habit 15 – Mortify gluttony by regular fasting and abstinence

Habit 16 – Discipline and care for your Body