God wants every man to find true and lasting happiness. The Daily Devotions which form the backbone of the Every Catholic Man website are daily Gospels for the mass which help form a man more perfectly into Catholic manhood in the pursuit of Sainthood. The Devotions are a system which helps a man continually draw closer to Jesus Christ and grow in virtue through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Discovering Jesus’ promise of true and lasting happiness

God’s deepest desire is that every man might choose to receive the true and lasting happiness Jesus Christ promises in His Gospel, which might be called the Gospel of Happiness. While every man pursues and can often experience pleasures and happiness in the world, many men experience periods of unhappiness and the relentless pursuit of happiness never ends. In the Incarnation, Jesus promises every man that he can share in Christ’s true and lasting happiness and dies so that every man might be saved and receive the perfection of happiness.

Using the Gospel Devotions for the Mass to grow in happiness

The Devotional has been carefully crafted to help a man can find the true and lasting happiness Jesus promises by becoming perpetually awed by Jesus Christ, by realizing his desperate need for Jesus to save him, and by helping him build a joyful and disciplined practice of the Catholic faith.

Praying the Daily Gospel Devotions for the Mass to grow in happiness

The Devotional is carefully designed to provide an easy-to-use daily system which a man can use and make great progress towards holiness and happiness in as little as 15 minutes a day. The Devotional is designed to be a “master habit” to help a man build a deep, broad and practical knowledge of the faith and be challenged and inspired to apply his learnings to grow in holiness and happiness each day.