While he may try to avoid it, every man will die, be judged and spend eternity in either Heaven with God or Hell with Satan. How a man lives on earth will determine how he lives after earth. The inescapable reality of The Four Last Things, Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell, confirms there are only two eternal destinies and every man will either become a Saint and experience eternal happiness or become one of the Damned and experience eternal torment (CCC 1022).

Every man will face his unavoidable death and the reality of his Judgment

Many men attempt to delay confronting the reality of their own unavoidable physical death and also either reject or avoid recalling and coming to grips that every man will be personally judged by Jesus Christ at the end of his life.

Every man dies

Every man will eventually come to face the reality that he will die (CCC 1021). Death puts an end to the chance to accept Christ’s grace and a man’s case for the Judgment is set; there are no do-overs or extensions, when a man dies his chance to change his eternal fate ends.

Every man will be Judged by Jesus Christ

Jesus will “judge the living and the dead” (CCC 678-679, 682); once a man dies he is immediately judged by Jesus Christ, the Divine Judge, and he will receive his eternal reward or retribution based on his faith and works, on how well he conformed his life to Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. One objective measure of a man’s life is that of mortal sin (CCC 1035, 1852-1876); those who die guilty of their mortal sin are damned and go to Hell and those who are not in a state of mortal sin are destined for Heaven, and likely for most, a time of final purification in Purgatory prior to entry into Heaven (CCC 1030-1032). 

Every man will either be a Saint or be Damned

At his Judgment, every man will be rewarded with eternal happiness as a Saint in the eternal happiness of Heaven or become one of the Damned who is condemned to the eternal torment of Hell.

Building off the Old Testament He inspired the prophets to write (Deut 30:15-20, Ps 1, Wis 5:6-7), Jesus explicitly confirms there are only two ways and destinies for men, either to be received into Heaven through the Narrow Gate or to enter into the destruction of Hell through the Wide Gate (Mt 7:13, Jn 3:36, 5:24, 5:29, CCC 1696, 1970).

Saints will experience perfect eternal happiness in Heaven

In Truth, there exists a place of eternal happiness called Heaven in which the Saints who have been purified of all sin and are the perfection of love reside forever in union with the Blessed Trinity. 

Heaven is a place of perfect and eternal happiness

Saints are those received into Heaven who will spend eternity in the perfection of happiness which is to be in the Blessed Trinity’s presence in the Beatific Vision (“the vision of happiness”, CCC 163, 1028) with all the other saints and angels; it is a happiness and joy beyond description for men for no man can comprehend the infinite perfection of Beauty, Goodness and Truth, which is God. Any joy, pleasure or happiness a man who walks the earth could experience or possibly imagine pales in comparison to the indescribable joy, peace and happiness God has in store for those who love Him and are received by Him in Heaven (1 Cor 2:9). 

Saints are souls who are perfectly holy

God, who is the Perfection of Holiness, allows souls who have been perfected in holiness to become Saints and enter into Heaven to receive His Beatific Vision, which is the ability to experience God face to face, a perfect communion with God (CCC 1024, 1027, 1045, 2014) in which the Saints are perfectly united in oneness with God. 

Only souls who have been purified from all sin and are perfected in holiness have the ability to perceive God as He is (CCC 1023, 1028). 

Saints are those who have been Baptized to remove Original Sin (CCC 1257), have achieved perfection of charity (CCC 1700), are examples of holiness (CCC 2030), are completely purified of every venial and mortal sin (CCC 1030), and have eliminated all worldly desires and desire nothing except to love and give glory to God. 

Only Saints are received into Heaven

Those who are not perfected in holiness cannot enter into Heaven: 

Nothing evil can enter Heaven

Satan and the other evil angels are cast out of Heaven (CCC 391-393) and Jesus repeatedly cast out demons to prepare souls for Heaven (CCC 550).

No one stained with sin can enter Heaven

Souls who are blinded with any sin (venial or mortal) are unable to receive the overpowering sight of the Beatific Vision. Souls who willingly choose sin and refuse to fully love God cannot be united with Him (CCC 1033). While God is merciful in love and forgiveness, God’s justice demands that those who remain stained with unrepented sin cannot enter into community with the Saints who have valiantly battled against sin and have been cleansed of all sin.

The Damned will experience the eternal torment of Hell

Those who are in a state of mortal sin when they die, are immediately judged by Jesus and descend into Hell for “eternal punishment” of the damned (CCC 633, 1022, 1033-1037, 1472). 

Though Jesus does not desire for any man to go to Hell (CCC 1037), He reveals that, “many” go to destruction (Mt 7:13; CCC 1696) because they freely choose to turn away from God and persist in their rejection of God until their death (CCC 1033-1032).

The Damned (“those condemned to the eternal suffering in Hell”) are those poor pitiful souls who will spend eternity separated from the perfectly loving Blessed Trinity and instead spend eternity with Satan, the demons, and all the evil condemned souls in the agony of Hell. 

Just as no man of the earth can imagine the astounding joy of Heaven, no man can imagine the true agony of Hell; the worst torture and perversion that a man can experience or imagine on earth is infinitely better than the eternal suffering of the Damned in Hell; “woe to those who die in mortal sin” (CCC 1014).