Every man who is moved to faith in Jesus Christ must then face the reality that he will either become a Saint or be Damned, that he cannot by his efforts save himself by becoming a Saint, and he must make the life-changing commitment to be baptized in Jesus Christ in His Holy Catholic Church; a man who has already been baptized but have never truly given himself to Jesus, or fallen away from Him, needs to reconsecrate himself to Jesus. 

Every man will either be a Saint or be Damned

While he may try to avoid it, every man will die, be judged and spend eternity in either Heaven with God or Hell with Satan. How a man lives on earth will determine how he lives after earth. The inescapable reality of The Four Last Things, Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell, confirms there are only two eternal destinies and every man will either become a Saint and experience eternal happiness or become one of the Damned and experience eternal torment (CCC 1022).

No man can become a Saint by his own effort

Despite desiring to follow Jesus Christ or even being received into the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation, every man faces great challenges to become a Saint. By his own efforts, no man can reach the perfection of Sainthood due to his desire for sin, the constant attacks of Satan, the infinite gap between a man and sainthood, and the extreme difficulty of consistently seeking to ascend towards Sainthood day by day over a life time; no man can become a Saint by himself.  

A man who desires Sainthood must accept Jesus Christ as his Savior 

Those blessed men who wake up to the reality of the life-and-death spiritual battle and desire to avoid being one of the Damned and to be given Sainthood, must ultimately turn to the only source of salvation, Jesus Christ the Savior of Man, and formally choose to give himself completely to Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church.