God helps every Catholic man on the pilgrimage to Heaven

Sent by the Almighty Father, Jesus, the Son of the Father, reveals the reality of the Blessed Trinity and the great blessings of each Divine Person, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In addition to expanding the Kingdom of the Father on earth through the Holy Catholic Church Militant, Jesus, through His Church, reveals the astounding blessings which every Catholic man can receive through the other two parts of the Church, the Catholic Church Triumphant (Heaven) and the Catholic Church Penitent (Purgatory).

Every Catholic man can can find happiness in the Catholic Church Militant

The Catholic Church Militant is the worldly state of the Church on earth of those who battle against sin and suffer persecutions (CCC 769). Jesus Christ established His Father’s Kingdom on earth (CCC 763-766) and sanctifies it through the Holy Spirit (CCC 767-768) so that men might be in communion with God (CCC 772-773) through the necessary help of the Sacraments (CCC 1129-1930) and receive salvation (CCC 774-776) and eternal happiness (CCC 1). 

Through His Holy Catholic Church Militant, every Catholic man can be blessed by: knowing he is a member of the only Church Jesus established to save men; being drawn ever closer to God and finding purpose, peace and happiness; finding belonging and true fraternity; receiving supernatural help from God and His saints and angels in the spiritual battle; growing in holiness and doing great work in the world.