The Catholic Church Militant is the worldly state of the Church on earth of those who battle against sin and suffer persecutions (CCC 769). Jesus Christ established His Father’s Kingdom on earth (CCC 763-766) and sanctifies it through the Holy Spirit (CCC 767-768) so that men might be in communion with God (CCC 772-773) through the necessary help of the Sacraments (CCC 1129-1930) and receive salvation (CCC 774-776) and eternal happiness (CCC 1). 

Through His Holy Catholic Church Militant, every Catholic man can be blessed by: knowing he is a member of the only Church Jesus established to save men; being drawn ever closer to God and finding purpose, peace and happiness; finding belonging and true fraternity; receiving supernatural help from God and His saints and angels in the spiritual battle; growing in holiness and doing great work in the world. 

Every Catholic man is promised Salvation and happiness

Every Catholic man is blessed to confidently know that through the Holy Catholic Church he can find salvation and receive the true and lasting happiness Jesus promises. 

Every Catholic man can be assured of his salvation

With God the Father and the Holy Spirit, Jesus establishes the Holy Catholic Church (CCC 816) so men can be saved through the forgiveness of their sins (CCC 767, 976-987).

Jesus confirms men must receive God’s help to be delivered from Satan (Mt 6:13, CCC 2850-2854, 2864) and guarantees that neither Satan or any other power can prevail against His Church (Mt 16:18, CCC 834).

Only through Christ’s Holy Catholic Church can men be saved (CCC 846) for it is the universal sacrament of Salvation (CCC 774-776, 780) which contains everything a man needs to be assured of his salvation (CCC 824). 

Every Catholic man can be drawn to God and find purpose, peace and happiness

Jesus reveals the astounding and joyful truth that every Catholic man becomes an adopted son of the Father and can draw closer to the Father throughout his life through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, giving him a sure and certain holy purpose for his life so that he can overcome the pain, stress and suffering and life and grow in the truth and lasting happiness Jesus promises. Every Catholic man can:

Be adopted and saved by God

Every Catholic man is supremely blessed to be adopted by the Father (CCC 52) through the Sacraments of Baptism (CCC 1213) and Confirmation (CCC 1285). As an adopted son of the Almighty Father, every Catholic man is supernaturally united with the Father’s Son, Jesus the Savior of Mankind (CCC 790, 1709), and can be saved and receive eternal life (CCC 679, 977, 1219, 1256). 

Be drawn closer to God and comforted

The Almighty Father has created men in His image and likeness (CCC 1604) so men might be drawn into union with Him (CCC 1). Rather than the loneliness and despair of being alone in the world (CCC 844, 2091) and the anxiety about the future and facing death alone (CCC 2088, 2854), every Catholic man can find the true peace, joy and happiness of being drawn ever closer to God. God never ceases to seek to draw men closer to Him (CCC 27) through the Cross of Christ (CCC 160, 662, 786), the Holy Spirit (CCC 1272, 1274, 1295-1296) and the Sacraments (CCC 2014).

Find purpose and meaning by following and imitating Jesus Christ

Men struggle to find purpose and meaning in their lives as they pursue the things of the world, things which ultimately fail to bring lasting satisfaction and happiness. God, in perfect love, has revealed Himself to mankind through Jesus Christ (CCC 50) and every Catholic man can find his true purpose and meaning in Jesus the Lord and Master (CCC 68, 450), by uniting with Christ in the Sacraments (CCC 1129) and by living his life to follow and imitate Jesus, the perfect model for man (CCC  520, 1694, 1823).

Be relieved of the great stress of sin by being forgiven and reconciled with God

Since Eden, every man struggles with all kinds of sin (CCC 1852-1853) by failing to love God and his neighbor which injures both the man and his family, friends and others (CCC 1849) causing great turmoil and stress; a man’s sins can be spiritually deadly (CCC 1855-1861) and he can lose the great blessing of God’s sanctifying grace (CCC 2023) and be excluded from Heaven and receive the eternal death and agony of Hell (CCC 1861, 1874). 

God, in His Infinite Mercy, does not desire for any man to go to Hell (CCC 1037) and freely gives every Catholic man the ability to be forgiven of all of his sins, both venial and mortal, while he is still alive through the Sacrament of Penance (CCC 1422). It is through the Sacrament of Penance that men are saved from their mortal sins (CCC 976, 1416). No Catholic man need ever struggle under the stress of sin or be condemned to Hell, when God’s forgiveness can easily be received in a nearby parish through the Sacrament of Penance.

Find true and lasting happiness, peace and joy

While God has placed the desire for happiness in the hearts of men (CCC 1718)  and it is man’s vocation to find true happiness (CCC 1716-1729), men struggle to find lasting happiness in the world. 

Every Catholic man can come to know that lasting happiness can ultimately only be found in God (CCC 227, 1719, 2557) and that through Jesus he can receive abundant life (Jn 10:10), joy (Mt 25:21, 23, Jn 15:11, Jn 16:22, 24, Jn 17:13), peace (Lk 1:79, Lk 2:14, Jn 14:27, Jn 20:19,21, 26), happiness (Mt 5:3-12; CCC 1716-1717)and be blessed to share in the eternal happiness of God (CCC 1). 

Every Catholic Man can find true fraternity in Christ’s Church Militant

Rather than being isolated, lonely and alienated from others, every Catholic man can find a true and lasting home in Jesus’ Holy Catholic Church Militant and be drawn through the Blessed Trinity into both a supernatural and human fraternity with others, including the Saints and Angels, his wife, children and family, and with other men in his parish home. Every Catholic man can:

Find his true and lasting home in Christ’s Holy Catholic Church Militant

Men search for belonging through worldly pursuits with others (work, sports, hobbies, politics, philosophies, partying, etc.); while offering temporary pleasures, men remain lost (CCC 635) and can never find true belonging because worldly pursuits are stained with human sin (CCC 408). 

Every Catholic man comes to realize he is a pilgrim on earth (Latin, peregrinus, meaning, “foreigner, stranger”; CCC 954) who can only find his true homeland in His Father’s House (CCC 1533, 2795, 2802) through Christ’s pilgrim Church (CCC 671, 771); no matter where a Catholic man travels in the world, he returns to his true home by entering any Catholic parish. 

Be drawn into a supernatural fraternity in the Communion of Saints

While men enjoy friendships in the world, men can find it difficult to build deep friendships; many men suffer due to loneliness. Every Catholic man is blessed to be supernaturally connected in deep fraternity with the entire Communion of Saints through Jesus Christ (CCC 791).

Every Catholic man is part of the family of God (CCC 542, 772) including all Catholics around the world (957-958), all the Saints in Heaven (most especially, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph), the Angels (CCC 775, 975) and the faithfully departed (CCC 955).

Be drawn into unity with other men in the work of the Liturgy

Though every man can and should pray on his own, every Catholic man is blessed to be able to be unified in the “public worship of God” (“Liturgy”, CCC 1069) that draws all Catholics together around the world each day in a real union with Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit (CCC 1073), through the prayers and the sacraments of the Church (CCC 959-960, 962, 1070, 1484); by praying with the Liturgy, every Catholic man experiences a real and true union with every Catholic.

Draw close to brothers in real fraternity in his local parish

Strengthening the supernatural fraternity of the Communion of Saints, every Catholic man is called to build strong bonds of brotherhood with other men (CCC 821), especially men who are single and lack human family (CCC 1658). 

Every Catholic man can find deep and lasting brotherhood by gathering together with other Catholic men in his parish who are of one mind in Christ (Phil 1:27, 2:2-5; CCC 2179), are unified in the truth and love of God (CCC 1878, 1890) and are united in the salvation of the Eucharist (CCC 2177-2179, 2691); in the parish, every Catholic man can draw close to his real brothers who share the same Father (CCC 804, 2787) and are bound together in the happiness of the pilgrim Church (CCC 815, 1045). 

Be drawn into a deeper union with his wife and children

Men and women often struggle to find lasting peace and joy in their relationship and sadly, many marriages end in divorce. Through the beautiful Sacrament of Matrimony, every Catholic man and his wife can find the necessary help from God (CCC 1608) to have a strong, lasting, fruitful, and happy marriage. 

The Sacrament of Matrimony creates a supernatural and unbreakable bond between husband and wife (CCC 1638-1640, 1643-164), strengthens their love and unity, (CCC 1641-1642), helps them on the pilgrimage to eternal life (CCC 1661) and helps them raise their children in the faith (CCC 1631) through their parish (CCC 2226). 

Every Catholic man can receive supernatural help in the spiritual battle

In addition to the blessing of being drawn into deep fraternity, every Catholic man is blessed to be supernaturally helped in prayer and protected from Satan directly by God and through His Saints and Angels, receive strength in the Sacraments, be formed by God and His priests, and able to grow in holiness and do great things in the world. Every Catholic man can:

Receive guidance and help directly from God through prayer

In the continuous spiritual battle, men can often be confused or disheartened in enduring the constant temptations and attacks of Satan (1 Pet 5:8, CCC 414, 1707), failures in the spiritual life, and the disappointments and challenges of the world. 

Rather than struggling alone, every Catholic man who seeks to build a relationship with God through prayer (CCC 2564) is drawn by God into deeper union (CCC 2718), can speak directly to God (CCC 2700-2724) and be assured that God hears and responds to every prayer (2735-2737). 

Every Catholic man can build an intimate and familiar relationship with each Person of the Trinity (CCC 2664-2672), allowing him to receive direct, powerful and continuous supernatural help from God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Be protected from the attacks of Satan

Whether he realizes it or not, every man is constantly under attack by Satan who promises happiness but delivers sorrow and death. Jesus Christ, the Conquerer of Satan (CCC 538-540, 2849) deliberately established the Sacraments (CCC 1114-1116, 1210), sent the Apostles (CCC 1086), and teaches men to pray (CCC 2725, 2752) so they can be protected from the attacks of Satan (CCC 1237, 2850). 

Learn directly from Jesus Christ through His Church

Today, men are barraged with all kinds of worldly information, opinion, and advice, much of which is useless, or even spiritually dangerous, for it comes from those who claim to be wise but reject God and are fools whose minds are darkened and wicked (Rom 1:19-22). 

Every Catholic man is blessed to be able to receive the true wisdom of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, perfectly preserved without error through Sacred Tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium (CCC 95, 107, 126). Through His Church, every Catholic man can confidently build his life on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ (CCC 1697) and be restored and united with Him (CCC 2527).

Be strengthened by Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist

While most men are physically well-fed, many are spiritually starving. Every Catholic man who has not fallen into mortal sin is blessed to be fed with the actual Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the life saving Sacrament of the Eucharist (CCC 1324-1327, 1391-1397, 1846) in which Jesus is really and truly present (CCC 1374-1376) and draws men into union with Him (CCC 1382, 1391, 2837).

The Eucharist has the supernatural power to protect a man from falling into sin (CCC 1393, 1395, 1446, 1458) but can also bring down judgment upon a man if he commits the sacrilege of  receiving the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin (1 Cor 11:27-30, CCC 2120).

Receive personal supernatural help from the Holy Spirit

While men are intrigued by the superpowers of fictional “superheroes”, few men recognize the real supernatural powers they can personally receive from God. 

From the moment of his baptism, the Holy Spirit resides in a man’s soul for the rest of his life (CCC 1272-1274) and remains ever ready to intercede for him (CCC 2634) by strengthening him with the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit (CCC 1309, 1830, 1832) which allow him to grow in faith, hope and charity (CCC 1266), learn to pray (CCC 2650, 2661), grow in heroic virtues (CCC 1266) and act to help bring about the salvation of other men (CCC 2003). 

Receive supernatural help from The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the Saints

While earthly parents can disappoint and eventually die, every Catholic man is blessed to be able to turn to the Holy Mother and St. Joseph and all the saints for help. 

Every Catholic man who seeks the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in prayer (CCC 2673-2679) is assured that she has the power to intercede in his earthly life (CCC 969, 1014, 1053, 2618) and bring about the gifts of eternal salvation (CCC 969). 

Likewise, every Catholic man can seek the powerful intercession of St. Joseph who is the Patron (protector) of fathers and families. So too, the other Saints in Heaven can intercede on a man’s behalf to God (CCC 956, 2683).

Be protected by the angels and a man’s personal Guardian Angel

In opposition to the continual attacks by Satan and his demons, every Catholic man is blessed during his earthly life to be constantly protected and guided by his own personal guardian angel (CCC 336) and helped by the angels (CCC 350-352); after his death, the Church continues to seek the help of the angels for the man’s soul (CCC 335).

Receive the Sacraments and guidance from Christ’s priests

While men strive to find the best experts to help in worldly things (legal, medical, financial, business experts, home repair, etc), many Catholic men fail to recognize the supernatural expertise and saving help of Catholic bishops, priests, and deacons in supernatural things.

 Every Catholic man has the blessing to be led and served by bishops, priests and deacons who have been called by Christ for the salvation of men (CCC 1120) and ordained through the power of Apostolic succession (981) in the Sacrament of Holy Orders (CCC 1536).

Priests are given the ability to exercise “sacred power” (CCC 1538) in the one priesthood of Christ (CCC 1547) to act on behalf of Christ (CCC 875) to offer a man the saving graces of the Sacraments (CCC 1256, 1312-1314, 983, 1461-1467, 1495, 1142, 1411, 1630).

Be healed and strengthened in illness and death

In contrast to the poor souls who have not drawn closer to God during their lives and often face severe illness and death unprepared or alone, every Catholic man is blessed to be able to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick through which a man’s suffering is united with the Passion of the Son (CCC 1521) through the Holy Spirit which strengthens a man to face his illness (CCC 1520). 

The Viaticum, the last Sacrament of a Catholic, is a blessing which prepares (CCC 1523) the dying man to be received by the Father (CCC 1524) by being drawn into union with Jesus Christ (CCC 1521) and protected from anguish, fear, and despair as death approaches (CCC 1501); a man is also blessed to be able to have the intercession of St. Joseph (CCCC 1014), the patron of a happy death, and the loving care of the Blessed Mother (CCC 2677) who comforted both Joseph and Her Son Jesus at the hour of their deaths.

In every Catholic man’s funeral Mass, the Church, through the Son in the Holy Spirit, surrenders a man’s soul “into the Father’s hands” (CCC 1683) through the Eucharistic sacrifice (CCC 1689).

Be expertly guided to grow as a Catholic Son

Rather than the great struggles that so many men are plagued with as they try to find answers to their unhappiness and problems and how to live, every Catholic man through his Baptism becomes an adopted son of God whose mission in life is to live out his baptismal vows. Many men struggle to “find” themselves; every Catholic man is “found” in Christ and knows exactly who he is – a Catholic Son of the Almighty Father. 

Every Catholic man is blessed to be guided by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who is the “the way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6; CCC 74, 459, 1698) and Whose comprehensive teaching is perfectly preserved in its fullness in His Holy Catholic Church (CCC 1-25) and passed down to men throughout the millennia. Everything a man needs to grow in holiness as a Catholic Son who is ascending on the path to Sainthood can be found in the Church.

In The Catechism of the Catholic Church, every Catholic man has been given a “playbook” for holiness and happiness which provides all the essentials for a man to build a purposeful, joyous and fruitful life as a faithful Catholic Son of the Almighty Father. It is through growing in knowledge and practice of the faith that every Catholic man can better avoid sin and vice, grow in heroic virtue, perform many good works of mercy in the service of God (CCC 2009, 2044), and find the true and lasting happiness that Jesus promises to every man who is willing to follow Him. 

Be a Catholic Father who builds and leads His Domestic Church Militant

Many men struggle to build a harmonious and fruitful family life because they are not clear about where they are leading their families and because there is uncertainty or conflict about how to live together; many men struggle to master the “science and art” of being a good husband and father, particularly now as millions of men have not been blessed with the guidance of their own committed father, manhood and masculinity is mocked and stigmatized, and the family is assailed by the growing oppression of the diseased and failing modern culture. 

Every Catholic man is blessed to know that his ultimate calling is to become a Catholic Father who is a spiritual father who leads many to become adopted sons and daughters of the Almighty Father; most enter into the vocation of married life, some the life as chaste single men, and a relative few are called to become priests or religious brothers.

A man is supernaturally united to a woman by God in the Sacrament of Matrimony and becomes the sacrificial head (Gen 3:16, 1 Cor 11:3,  Eph 5:24, Col 3:18, 1 Pet 3:1, 1 Tim 2:11, Titus 2:4-5) of his own small domestic (Latin, domus, meaning “house”) Church (CCC 2201-2206), the smallest cell of the Catholic Church Militant. 

The Catholic Church Militant provides every Catholic man with a clear vision of his mission in life. A married Catholic man is called, with his bride, to build their Domestic Church (CCC 1655-1657, 1666) and carry out his sacred duty to grow in holiness with his bride and to pass along the faith to his sons and daughters (CCC 2225-2226, 2252); “service and witness to the faith is necessary for salvation”, for both the father and mother (CCC 1816). 

God demonstrates through His Church a model for a man to imitate as he grows into his fatherhood. A Catholic father who leads his bride and children in the faith is richly blessed and becomes a fruitful spiritual father: the Almighty Father provides a man a vision the perfection of love, mercy and justice he is to strive to demonstrate; Jesus Christ shows a man how to be a king, prophet and priest for his family; and St. Joseph’s heroic and virtuous sacrificial headship of the Holy Family provides a man with a human model of fatherhood to seek to imitate.