Jesus reveals Himself to the Apostles in Galilee with a miraculous catch of fish. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Obedience so he can always remain obedient to the successor to St. Peter and by cultivating the Virtue of Gratitude so he can frequently thank God that he is an adopted Son of God and a Catholic man. 


Octave of Easter – Friday – Jn 21:1-14


Following Jesus’ appearance to the Apostles in Jerusalem after the Resurrection, the Apostles travel home to Galilee, anticipating they will meet Jesus again as promised (Mk 14:28). Seven disciples (Peter, John, James, Nathaniel, Thomas, two others), perhaps hungry, are led by Peter to fish in the Sea of Galilee. Despite being seasoned fishermen, the disciples fish all night but catch no fish. 

After their failure to catch fish, Jesus comes at dawn to reveal Himself again to the Apostles.  Jesus mysteriously disguises His identity and voice, addressing the grown men as “Children”, a strange greeting from a stranger, for it presumes both a superiority and a familiarity. Supernaturally knowing from afar the disciples have caught nothing, Jesus directs them to cast their net on the other side of the boat. Despite the absurdity of the request, the disciples obey and are immediately given a catch of fish too heavy for the seven men to draw in. Suddenly, John understands they have been given a miraculous catch and tells Peter that the stranger is “the Lord.” Peter, trusting John, immediately dresses to be presentable to Jesus, dives into the cold water, and swims the 100 yards to the shore. The other disciples follow in the boat, dragging the full nets ashore. 

Recalling The Feeding of the 5000 by multiplying fish and bread (Jn 6:1-14) on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus feeds the famished disciples a breakfast with the miraculous catch of fish, and with bread which Jesus supplies. Jesus’ glorified risen Body is mysterious; the disciples are hesitant about His identity but are convinced He is the Lord. Similar to The Feeding of the 5000 and The Last Supper, Jesus feeds the disciples a miraculous meal. 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Be awed at the miraculous Divine Power of the Son of God: Jesus mysteriously locates the Apostles on the large Sea of Galilee, appearing at the dawn; the men who were close to Jesus for three years, do not recognize His voice, and are confused by His Glorified Body; as Divine Priest and Provider, Jesus provides a miraculous catch of fish, and gives the Apostles bread, a prefigurement of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. 

Be obedient to the Successor of Peter

Realize: After Jesus establishes Peter to lead His Holy Catholic Church, all the Apostles obediently follow Peter; for two millennia, unity of Christ’s Church has been preserved by the obedience of bishops, priests and lay faithful to the pope, the successor of Peter. 

Believe: Review Peter’s role as the first pope, and the Structure of the Church (CCC 552-553,  880-887).

Pray: Jesus, Divine King, help me build the Virtue of Obedience (a part of Justice) so I humbly respect and obediently submit to Peter’s successor, the current pope, I pray for the pope to do Your Will, and I always remain a loyal son of Your Holy Catholic Church. 

Thank God you are an adopted son of God and a Catholic man

Realize: When the Apostles fail to catch fish in the dark of the night, Jesus, the light of the world, calls to His “children” to cast their nets again in the light of dawn, giving them an unmerited miraculous catch. 

Believe: Reassert your true identity as an Adopted Son of God (CCC 1, 52, 270, 294, 422, 654, 1709, 2009).

Pray: Almighty Father, help me build the Virtue of Gratitude (a part of Justice) so I always give joyous thanks that You have given me the unmerited gift of becoming Your adopted son and the great blessing to be a Catholic man.