St. John the Evangelist reveals that Jesus is the Son of God and Divine Word who was with God from the beginning and causes Creation to occur and offers all willing men the blessing of salvation. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Studiousness so he can turn away worldly curiosities to the Word and by building the Virtue of Hope by remembering he is an adopted son of God. 


John’s Prologue a beautiful and stunning summary of the blessings mankind receives at the Nativity of Jesus Christ. John confirms that Jesus is the Son of God who comes into the world to allow all men who receive Him to become adopted sons of God and to enter into eternal life. 

Jesus’ identity as the Son of God is revealed. The Son of God is with God before time and space exists in the beginning before the Creation (Gen 1:1-5). The Son of God is “with God” confirms the Father and the Son are different Divine Persons, and “was God”, confirms the Divinity of Jesus Christ. The Son of God is the Father’s spoken “Word” by which God establishes Creation and then redeems fallen men through the Incarnation. The Son of God is wisdom itself, is the source of earthly and eternal life, light, truth and mercy, has the power to reveal God (through His miracles and wisdom), and grants men who believe in Him eternal life.  

John reveals the Son of God, by entering the world and coming to men, is Jesus, who enters the world in the Incarnation. Sadly, many in the  world do not recognize Him, and Israel rejects Him. Those who respond and receive Him are given astounding blessings: the gift of enlightenment, truth and faith; the ability to know God personally; the gift of becoming adopted sons of God; the blessing of receiving  overflowing and continual supernatural grace; the opportunity to receive eternal life in Heaven and to behold the glory of God forever. No man can receive these gifts through inheritance, natural birth, or will; only through faith in Christ Jesus can men receive these life-transforming blessings and be saved. 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Ponder and be astounded at the Son of the Father’s role in Creation (CCC 279-327): the Son of God exists with God the Father before Creation (estimated to be 10+ billion years old); with Divine Knowledge which is infinitely greater than the combined wisdom of mankind, and Divine Power, which is infinitely greater than all the energy of the entirety of Creation, the Son of God causes Creation to occur (the known universe is 100 billion light-years wide), time, space, molecules, stars, planets, life forms, and men who are created in His Image; Son of God, He specifically designs the attributes of men (minds, bodies) so He can become a man during the Incarnation of Jesus, mysteriously taking on Human Flesh and Nature while remaining a Divine Person of the Trinity. 

Turn from worldly curiosities to the Divine Word

Realize: Instead of enthusiastically seeking the Divine Truth of the Word, many men are driven by burning curiosity to accumulate all kinds of worldly knowledge which darkens their minds and hardens their hearts. 

Believe: Reflect upon The Word made Flesh (CCC 65-67, 73, 81, 101-104, 241, 461, 2653).

Pray: Almighty Father, help me build the Virtue of Studiousness (a part of Temperance) so I turn from idle and obsessive worldly curiosities and I diligently seek to meet You in Sacred Scripture. 

Be joyous at being a son of God

Realize: There is a growing darkness and despair in the world as more and more men turn from God and embrace grievous sin and become children of evil. 

Believe: Reflect upon the opportunity for Men to become Sons of God (CCC 460, 526, 706, 1265, 1692, 1996).

Pray: Jesus, Son of God, help me build the Virtue of Hope so I am filled with confidence and joy that You have personally chosen me to be an adopted son of God.