A man who pursues some great goal and works hard in the pursuit of excellence knows that greatness comes through doing the right things over and over, until his routines become habits and his habits become routine. Becoming a better Catholic Son and Catholic Father requires a man to build a series of habits which are necessary for growing in holiness and growing in the vocation of being a Catholic Son and Catholic Father. 

The 14 major habits of Catholic Manhood

The Every Catholic Man Daily Devotional provides a systematic approach to help understand and grow in the habits of Catholic Manhood by becoming a better Catholic Son and Catholic Father. There are 14 Major Habits of Catholic Manhood: 7 Major Habits for Catholic Sons (Major Habits 1-7) and 7 Major Habits for Catholic Fathers (Major Habits 8-14). 

Each Major Habit is broken into smaller groups of habits (52 in number) which a man can focus upon and strive to master. For men who wish to build a systematic approach to learning and practice, each of the 52 habits can be reviewed once a week during a year (e.g. week 1 – Habit 1; week 2 – Habit 2, etc.; see Weekly Study Plans; periodic review and practice is necessary to build these holy habits. 

Grow comes in small persistent daily steps

The idea of tackling so many habits may seem initially overwhelming; but don’t despair! Many of these habits you may have already mastered and growing in holiness is the project of a lifetime; Mt. Everest is ascended one upward step at a time and the same holds true in the spiritual ascent of life. Also, because of the systematic design of the Devotional, many of the habits of Catholic Sons and Catholic Fathers are built right into the Devotional; by simply building the “Master Habit” of praying the Daily Devotions for 15 minutes a day (see Building the Devotional Master Habit of Praying the Daily Devotions) you will automatically begin to grow in many of the holy habits of Catholic Manhood.

To accelerate progress, the habits which help a man become a better Catholic Son and Catholic Father are listed so that a man can review them on a periodic basis and focus on areas which are most necessary for his own personal situation and aspirations. Reviewing the habits is helpful for a man to be able to assess his spiritual progress by identifying strengths and weaknesses in the habits and to make plans to grow in holiness. 

To help you more fully assess your progress when you are ready to do so, there is a personal assessment for the Catholic Son and Catholic Father habits which break down the habits into smaller, easier to tackle pieces using questions you can ask yourself. The questions are directly linked to the habits and provide a more detailed view which can help you identify small practical steps to strengthen the holy habits of being a Catholic Son and Catholic Father when you are ready to do so.