The major goal during the first stage of the spiritual life of a Catholic man as a Catholic Son is to bring a man’s selfish thoughts and acts under control and to live his life as commanded by the Blessed Trinity so that he can resist the constant attacks and temptations of Satan and be an obedient and holy Catholic Son.

There are 7 Major Habits of Catholic Sons (Major Habits 1-7 of Catholic Manhood) and 24 smaller Habits which can help a man grow in his vocation as a Catholic Son. The more vigorously a man meditates upon and practices these habits the more he will accelerate his spiritual ascent, particularly if he focuses upon habits which are holding him back in his spiritual life. To help a man assess his spiritual progress as a Catholic Son, for each of the 7 Major Habits of a Catholic Son there are a series of questions which can help a man focus upon small steps to help him grow in holiness (see below: Assessing the spiritual progress of a Catholic Son). 

A word of encouragement: The pursuit of Sainthood is the highest and most challenging thing any man can aspire to do. The habits and assessment may be intimidating and discouraging, for almost every man struggles with sin and it can be overwhelming to see how far a man has to go in the spiritual life. God, the Almighty Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, is thrilled and delighted when you desire to draw closer to the Blessed Trinity and aspire to grow in holiness. God loves you and will help make you a saint; all you need to do is rely on God and consistently do your best and God will give you the grace to become a saint. It will not be easy, but Jesus gave us the Cross and will help you bear the burden; and He gave us His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Holy Mother of God, pray for us.

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