Jesus reveals His unity with the Father and promises to answer disciple’s prayers. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by pursuing the Virtue of Faith so he can grow in understanding of God and by seeking the Gift of Counsel from the Holy Spirit so he can be guided to evangelize non-Catholics.


5th Week of Easter – Sunday – Cycle A – Jn 14:1-12


Jesus continues His Farewell Discourse (Jn 13:31-16:33) during Holy Week, preparing the Apostles for their mission after His departure. Despite Jesus’ many assurances, the Apostles are confused and deathly afraid. 

Filled with empathy, Jesus gives the Apostles reasons to be unafraid: He reminds them of their deep faith in God, and urges them to have faith in Him; He reminds them that God is their Father, a reassurance of fatherly love that can be trusted; He reveals that the Father’s house (Heaven) has plenty of room and that He will bring them to Heaven, and remain with them always.

Thomas asks how the Apostles can follow Him if they do not know where Jesus is going. Jesus cryptically responds, saying, “I am the way (the only access to God the Father is the Son), and the truth (the perfect Incarnate Word of the Father), and the life (the only source for eternal life, the salvation of mankind) and that, “no one comes to the Father, but by Me.” Jesus reveals that those who see Him actually see the Father, an incredible revelation of Jesus’ Divine Knowledge and Power, and the astounding unity of the Trinity. Jesus rebukes Philip for his desire for proof and inability to grasp His unity with the Father. Jesus challenges the Apostles to have faith  either in His unity with the Father or in His Divine Works, and makes the astounding promise that they too will be able to imitate His great works because He is going to God the Father.

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at how Jesus helps men come to faith: Divine Prudence, Jesus perfectly anticipates how to evangelize men and enters into the Incarnation with a deliberate plan; Divine Power, Jesus performs many miraculous and deliberate works which give men with receptive hearts a Logical (a part of Reason) basis for Faith; Jesus perfectly uses His Charisma and Emotional appeals (Pathos, a part of Reason), to move the hearts of men to believe.  

Seek a Faith that surpasses understanding

Realize: God, in His infinite knowledge and power, is often mysterious because He is beyond the ability of mere men to fully grasp, leading some men to be uncertain (agnostics), or to turn away (atheists), because they can’t comprehend the incomprehensible. 

Believe: Reflect upon the astounding Mysteries of Christ (CCC 514-521).

Pray: Almighty Father, help me to grow in the Virtue of Faith so I can have a faith so sure, that I can joyously and confidently believe in the fullness of Your truth and Your Holy Catholic Church, especially when I don’t fully understand.

Be counseled by the Spirit to evangelize non-Catholics

Realize: While men are only saved through Jesus and the fullness of faith resides only in His Holy Catholic Church, the Church teaches that Jesus, though it is clearly not His preference, by His own mysterious and unknowable prerogative, may make exceptions and save some non-Catholics who are not in full communion with the Catholic Church (or Orthodox Church), but who are unstained by mortal sin, fervently love God, and have lived extraordinarily saintly lives; sorrowfully realize those not in communion with the Catholic or Orthodox Church have no access to the forgiveness of mortal sin in the Sacrament of Penance nor the saving help of the Sacrament of the Eucharist. 

Believe: Reflect upon the Salvation of non-Catholics (CCC 836-848).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Counsel so I am guided by You to do my sacred duty (CCC 848) to evangelize those who remain outside of Your One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.