Jesus reveals His Almighty Father has given Him the supernatural power to grant eternal life to His disciples. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Fraternity so he can seek union with the Trinity, his family and Catholic brothers and by seeking the Gift of Fortitude from the Holy Spirit so he can rely on the Almighty Father’s Providence to endure suffering. 


4th Week of Easter – Tuesday – Jn 10:22-30


During the Feast of the Dedication (Hanukkah, a celebration of Judas Maccabeus’ cleansing and rededication of the Temple), Jesus battles the hostile Jewish leadership. Confronting Jesus in the Temple, the frustrated Jewish leadership demands that Jesus tell them plainly if He is the Messiah; their plan is to attack and kill Jesus if He publicly declares He is the Messiah, a devious desire they will accomplish when they later collude with the Romans to crucify Jesus. 

Rather than retreat from the frustrated and hostile accusers, Jesus responds with such clarity that the Jews will soon seek to stone Him. Jesus first responds with a challenge, saying that He has already told them that He is the Messiah and they simply do not believe; for learned Jews who pride themselves on knowledge of Scripture, this is a profound insult for Jesus confirms they lack the intelligence, knowledge, and insight to grasp that He has already revealed His identity as the Messiah.  

Jesus then makes things very clear. Jesus speaks of His Father, confirming that He is indeed the Son of God, and that His works are a supernatural demonstration of God the Father’s power which prove His divine identity. Jesus asserts that God the Father has given Him disciples (sheep) and that no man can take His disciples from Him. Jesus reveals that He has the astounding supernatural power to grant eternal life to His disciples. He offers a blunt and insulting rebuke of the Jewish leaders: His accusers are not favored by God the Father, perhaps will not receive eternal life, and are powerless to stop Him. The Jewish leaders now understand Jesus’ claims of His divinity, do not believe Him, and will immediately attempt and fail to kill Jesus by stoning Him to death.  

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at Jesus, though the Son of the Father with Divine Power, exercises extraordinary Meekness (a part of the virtue of Temperance) by not physically destroying the evil Jewish leadership, and His Humility (also a part of Temperance) by which He defers to His Father as the source of all Dominion. 

Seek union with the Trinity, family and fraternity

Realize: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit exist in perfect unity and are a model of fraternity for men to imitate. As he ascends towards sainthood, a Catholic man must be drawn into an ever-deeper union with the Blessed Trinity and united in love with his family and a fraternity of Catholic men. 

Believe: Reflect upon the Trinity (CCC 249-267).

Pray: Jesus, Person of the Trinity, draw me into a deeper unity with the Father, You and the Holy Spirit, and help me build the Virtue of Fraternity (a part of Justice) so I may extend Your model of Trinitarian love in my family and in strong bonds of brotherhood with other holy Catholic men.  

Rely on the Father’s Providence to endure suffering

Realize: Every man goes through periods of great suffering due to the temptations of Satan, physical illness, loss of loved ones or possessions, or torment by others. Every Catholic man can take great comfort and bear suffering by remembering God’s Providence, the reality that the Father has absolute power and is leading and protecting His men to build His Kingdom; nothing can snatch a Catholic man “out of the Father’s hand.” 

Believe: Return to the Divine Providence of God (CCC 302-324).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Fortitude so I rely on the Father’s Providence and have the supernatural strength to endure suffering with courage and joy and always persevere to do the Father’s Will.