Jesus reveals Jerusalem’s destruction, turmoil in the sky and on earth, and reality of His Second Coming. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by pursuing the Virtue of Faith through God’s help and by building the Virtue of Defense so he can heroically protect women, children and the vulnerable. 


34th Week in Ordinary Time – Thursday – Lk 21:20-28


Jesus declared the Temple would be utterly destroyed, there would be “wars and tumults”, earth upheavals would occur, false messiahs claiming to be Christ would arise, and Christians would be persecuted and betrayed, even by their own families. Jesus now describes the coming destruction of Jerusalem with more precision, and alludes to His redemptive Second Coming.  

Predicted for half a millennia (Dan 9:25-27), Jesus confirms the coming destruction of Jerusalem is finally at hand. He reveals the destruction will come from a Gentile army motivated by vengeance (the Romans) that surrounds Jerusalem and wrathfully slaughters many with the sword and enslave those not killed. Jesus confirms that the desolation of Jerusalem and the Jewish people is the long-prophesied Divine “punishment” (Hos 9:7) for the rejection of the Messiah; after the Jewish leadership rebels against Jesus and kills Him, they will rebel against the Romans and be destroyed by the Romans. Jesus confirms there will be “great distress”, particularly for pregnant women and nursing mothers with little children. Jesus warns His followers to flee into the mountains; many Christians, acting upon Jesus’ warning , flee and are preserved when the Romans destroy Jerusalem in 70 A.D. 

Jesus reveals some insight about His Second Coming, a separate revelation that has not yet come to pass. Jesus confirms sometime after the Fall of Jerusalem, even greater distress will come upon the entire world (heaven, land, sea): the heavens will give strange signs, there will be great distress for nations on land, and there will be raging seas. Despite the trauma in the world, Christians will find joy in the Second Coming of Jesus on the clouds of Heaven, for they will understand their “redemption is drawing near.” 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Be awed by Jesus, the Divine Prophet, as He accurately reveals future events: Divine Knowledge, Jesus has a precise understanding of future events, accurately describing details of the Roman siege, and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.; Divine King and Protector, Jesus gives specific instructions to future Christians to flee the destruction of Jerusalem; Jesus reveals that cataclysmic events (the heavens in chaos) will follow destruction on earth and His glorious appearance in the clouds; the perfection of Justice, Jesus promises redemption for His disciples who remain faithful. 

Beg God to give you steadfast faith

Realize: In contrast to the lack of faith of those who rejected Jesus and were destroyed during the chaotic times after His murder, Jesus promises those who remain faithful to Him until the end will be saved. 

Believe: Reflect upon Faith (CCC 26, 142-143, 150, 1814-1816, 2087-2089).

Pray: Jesus Christ, help me build the Virtue of Faith so I reject unhealthy fear, I ask to receive unshakeable faith from You, and I courageously and joyously live my faith as a witness to You during these chaotic times. 

Heroically protect women, children and the vulnerable

Realize: As Satan attacked Eve, and Adam failed in his duty to protect his vulnerable bride, Satan has attacked women by encouraging hatred, mistrust, and the rejection of men (misandry), leading some men to be confused or reject their obligation to protect vulnerable women; in stark contrast, Jesus confirms the special vulnerability of women, especially pregnant women and women with babies, and that men must protect the vulnerable.

Believe: Reflect upon The 5th Commandment and Legitimate Defense (CCC 2263-2267).

Pray: Jesus, Defender of Women, help me build the Virtue of Defense/Protection (a part of Justice) so I am prepared and fulfill my heroic and manly duty to defend the vulnerable, especially pregnant women and women with children.