Jesus reveals God’s tireless pursuit of lost souls in the Parables of the Lost Sheep. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by pursuing the Virtue of Faith so he can repent and receive the joy of being reconciled with the Church and by building the Virtue of Defense so he can fight to protect all children and battle against the evil of abortion. 


2nd Week of Advent – Tuesday – Mt 18:12-14


After calling the Apostles to be humble like a child, and revealing the harsh consequences for those who lead others into sin (to have a millstone tied to one’s neck and being cast into the sea; being burned in the eternal fire), Jesus describes the hunger that disciples must have to save souls, exhorting them to take heroic action to bring lost souls to Jesus.  

The Parable of the Lost Sheep, is a marvelous parable which surely  delighted the people, many of whom lived close to flocks of sheep. God (a man) has many souls (a flock of 100), for whom He cares. When a single soul goes astray (one lost sheep), God goes to great lengths (leaves the 99), to save the soul lost in sin (find the lost sheep). Jesus asks, “What man…would not leave the 99 in the wilderness…? The answer is no rational man would put his large flock of sheep at risk of being ravaged by wolves to save a single sheep. 

But God is not like man; God, who purposefully creates and loves every single soul, does seek to save every soul lost in sin, and there is great rejoicing by all the saints and angels in Heaven, when a man who is lost in sin repents and turns to Jesus to be saved. Just prior to offering this parable (Mt 18:1-9), Jesus draws a child close, expresses His love, saying that it is not God the Father’s will that even “one of these little ones should perish.”

 Be awed by Jesus Christ

Joyously consider Jesus’ revelation of His Mercy: the perfection of Charity, in the Incarnation, Jesus exhibits that He is Divine Mercy (Compassion for the suffering of another) in all He says and does; the perfection of Diligence (a part of Justice), Jesus tirelessly works and will die to save those lost in sin, giving men a rational basis for Hope; the perfection of Justice, Jesus reveals that men must repent from sin to receive the Mercy He is so willing to offer, and that He is filled with Joy when men repent from sin and accept His Mercy.  

Receive the joy of being reconciled with the Church

Realize: No matter how long a man falters in faith or how deeply he falls into sin, Jesus joyfully welcomes every Catholic man who repents back to His Church. 

Believe: Reflect upon the need to Reconcile with the Church (CCC 1443-1445).

Pray: Jesus, Son of God, help me build the Virtue of Faith so I can recall and believe in Your Mercy, repent from sin, and joyously be reunited with You and Your Holy Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Penance. 

Protect all children and battle against the evil of abortion

Realize: Millions of women, with the support of millions of men, have murdered their children through the inherently evil act of Abortion (CCC 2270-2275, 2322), a direct violation of The 5th Commandment which can lead to automatic excommunication from the Church (CCC 2272, 2322); in the U.S. alone, tens of millions of children have been killed. As you prepare for the birth of the Holy Child on Christmas, realize that it is not the will of the “Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish.” 

Believe: Reflect upon the Gift of a Child (CCC 2373-2379).

Pray: Jesus, Protector of Children, help me build the Virtue of Defense and Protection (a part of Justice) so I love and heroically defend all children and zealously pray and battle against the horrific evil of abortion.