Jesus warns the multitudes that He will deny those who deny Him and urges them to rely on the Holy Spirit. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by pursuing the Virtue of Humility so he can submit to the Holy Spirit to grow in holiness and by seeking the Gift of Fortitude so he can be strengthened by the Spirit to proclaim Christ. 


28th Week in Ordinary time – Saturday – Lk 12:8-12


After confronting the evil Pharisees, Jesus warns that while the Pharisees can persecute and murder, men are not to fear the death of the body, but fear the Judgment of God, who can kill the soul, casting the evil into Hell. Jesus confirms that God has perfect knowledge of their lives and that their good works will not be forgotten by God.

In response to worldly persecution, Jesus warns the disciples that they must be loyal to Him, even unto death, proclaiming His Gospel to men. Jesus reveals that He will stand as a witness before the prosecuting “angels of God” at the Judgment: those who are steadfast, proclaiming Jesus in the face of persecution, Jesus will endorse; those who fail to acknowledge Him, Jesus will deny before God.  

After revealing the reality of the rewards and punishments of the Judgment, Jesus promises to forgive those who have spoken against Him (and repent), but confirms that those who blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can never be forgiven because they refuse the grace of salvation that comes through the Spirit (CCC 1864). Jesus strengthens the Apostles against the temptation to be anxious when they are put on trial before religious and secular authorities, promising that the Holy Spirit will mysteriously give Jesus’ men the exact right words to say, at the moment of persecution. Rather than falling into fear, those who acknowledge the Holy Spirit can be “super-naturalized” with the precise knowledge of God for every situation, including when being put on trial for their lives.

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Consider with holy fear, Jesus, the intensely demanding Divine King, as He commands His disciples to take heroic action to evangelize the world: He commands them, despite persecution, that they are to proclaim His Gospel with Courage (a part of Fortitude); Son of God, Jesus confirms that all men will face the Judgment, with some being accepted into Heaven and some cast into Hell; He reveals He will be a witness for every man at the Judgment, Encouraging those who remain loyal to Him and bluntly Warning those who deny Him; He Encourages His men, promising the Holy Spirit will come to their assistance at the hour of their trial.

Beg for the Spirit’s help to grow in holiness

Realize: Many men can relate to God the Father and the Son, but sometimes find it difficult to relate to the Holy Spirit because He can seem mysterious and elusive.

Believe: Reflect upon the Gift of the Holy Spirit (CCC 733-736, 1287) and the Desires of the Spirit (CCC 2541-2543).

Pray: Jesus, Sender of the Spirit, help me build the Virtue of Humility (a part of Temperance) so I realize my deep need for the Spirit, I humbly beg the Spirit for help, and I grow in my reliance on the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit to grow in holiness. 

Be fortified by the Spirit to proclaim Christ

Realize: While most Catholic men do not deny Jesus by explicitly rejecting Him or His Holy Catholic Church, many men implicitly deny Jesus by being lukewarm, failing to zealously practice Catholicism, failing to oppose evil and failing to energetically and effectively proclaim Christ to others (wife, children, family, friends, others). 

Believe: Recall your duty to Bear Witness to the Truth (CCC 1816, 2471-2474).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Fortitude so You so fill my soul that I have the supernatural strength to courageously and joyously persevere to proclaim the Truth of Christ to all the poor souls who so desperately need Him but do not yet know it.