Jesus severely admonishes a crowd and reveals His greatness. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Studiousness so he can know and love Catholicism and do his duty to pass it along and by pursuing the Virtue of Fraternity so he can build fraternity in his parish to build the Church. 


1st Week of Lent – Wednesday – Lk 11:29-32; 28th Week in Ordinary time – Monday – Lk 11:29-32


After mysteriously exalting the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus offers a prophetic proclamation of His divinity. Great crowds surround Him, and Jesus knows they are seeking a “sign”, blind and failing to see that the most Perfect Sign, Jesus Christ, is standing before them. 

Jesus harshly rebukes the crowd’s worldly curiosity, calling them an “evil and adulterous generation” (Greek). This is a stunning and harsh rebuke of the multitude, for it judges the crowd to be as corrupt as the faithless Jews who were punished by God for their sins by being excluded from entering the Promised Land (Deut 1:35; 29:1-3; 32:5); it is a severe and insulting warning which certainly stunned, frightened and angered the crowds.  

Continuing to refer to Scripture, Jesus makes astounding claims about Himself by using familiar Jewish figures from the Old Testament. Jesus makes the startling revelation that He is the Son of Man (the promised Messiah) and He is greater than the great prophet Jonah. By drawing comparison to Jonah, who was entombed in a whale for three days, Jesus offers a veiled prophecy of His Passion, for He will be entombed and rise again after three days. Jesus then escalates His claims of greatness by revealing He is even greater than Solomon, Israel’s second greatest king. Jesus goes even further with His warnings and insults by revealing the pagan men of Nineveh and the pagan queen of the South will rise and have the superior moral authority to condemn the evil generation of Jews.

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Contrary to the false teachings of those who portray Jesus as permissive and willing to forgive unrepentant sinners who remain rebelliously defiant in even the most perverse and abominable of sins, be filled with holy fear of God’s just punishment of unrepentant sinners in this passage: Jesus, the Son of Man, Harshly Warns the sinful of Israel, calling them evil, and Warns of the Condemnation of the unrepentant in the Judgment. 

Know and love Catholicism and do your duty to pass it on

Realize: Just as Jesus used the truth of Scripture (Jonah, Solomon) to explain that the holiness of the past had not been passed along to the current generation at that time, every Catholic man needs to return to the fullness of Truth found in the Holy Catholic Church to evangelize and catechize this current generation so they might return to holiness. 

Believe: Reflect upon The Transmission of Divine Revelation (CCC 74-100).

Pray: Almighty Father, help me build the Virtue of Studiousness (a part of Temperance) so I learn, understand and love the fullness of the Truth of Your Holy Catholic Church, and I diligently work to effectively pass along the love of the faith to this generation by joyfully evangelizing and catechizing my family and many others.

Build fraternity to build the Church

Realize: Shocking to some, Jesus’ condemnation of the “evil generation” points to the truth that whole societies and cultures can and do become perverted; every Catholic man must recognize that today’s generation is becoming increasingly evil, and ideas and acts which have always been, and always will be condemned as evil, are now becoming widely accepted. 

Believe: Review the Communal Character of the Human Vocation (CCC 1878-1896).

Pray: Jesus, Divine King, help me build the Virtue of Fraternity (a part of Justice) so I am friendly and view all men as my brothers, I continually invite my family, neighbors and others whom I meet into the great fraternity of Your Holy Catholic Church, and I diligently work to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood in my parish.