Jesus promises to answer those who persist in prayer to the Almighty Father. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Orderliness so he can imitate Jesus’ discipline of daily prayer and by seeking the Gifts of Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge from the Holy Spirit so he can receive the Spirit’s necessary help to yield the Fruits of the Spirit in his life. 


27th Week in Ordinary time – Thursday – Lk 11:5-13


After revealing The Lord’s Prayer in response to the disciples’ request to be taught how to pray, Jesus offers clear instruction about the need for perseverance in prayer. Using the parable of The Friend in Need, Jesus urges men to realize their complete dependence on God and that God responds to those who are relentlessly persistent in prayer; if an imperfect man will rouse himself out of bed to help a neighbor, how much more so will God the Father, the perfection of love, help the men He lovingly created when they cry out in need. 

Because God the Father Almighty always has perfect knowledge of each man’s needs, even before a man prays for help, the need for persistence in prayer is not so God is aware of a man’s needs. Rather, it is a man who need to be persistent in prayer so he may constantly be reminded of God’s many blessings, his absolute dependence on God, and so he can be receptive to receiving God’s help.

Jesus describes the nature of persistence, telling men to ask, seek, and knock. He is describing an active type of prayer that is specific about needs (ask), is driven to find truth (seek), and that is undeterred when God seems distant (knocking on a closed door). Jesus twice repeats His promise that God will answer those who ask, seek, and knock in prayer. As earthly fathers give their children good things, the Heavenly Father will give much more; God the Father will give the Holy Spirit to men who pray.  

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at Jesus’ wisdom about how to pray: Son of the Father, from the beginning, Jesus has first-hand experience about how God the Father hears and responds to prayer; in His Human Nature, Son of Mary, Jesus learns to pray from the Immaculate Conception, and, Son of Joseph, Jesus is instructed in Scripture and prayer by His earthly father, St. Joseph, the holiest man ever born; Divine Charity, Jesus graciously offers all men Instruction (a Spiritual Work of Mercy) about how to pray with persistence.

Imitate Jesus’ discipline of daily prayer

Realize: Despite His frequent demonstration of prayer and Jesus’ call for men to pray always, most Catholic men do not have a daily discipline of prayer. “Disciple” and “discipline” share a common Latin root discipulus; every Catholic man who truly desires to be a disciple of Jesus must strive to imitate Jesus by practicing Jesus’ prayer disciplines.  

Believe: Reflect upon how Christ Teaches men to Pray (CCC 2607-2615).

Pray: Jesus, Perfection of Discipline, help me build the Virtue of Orderliness (a part of Temperance) so I order my life to make prayer a regular discipline and I strive to draw closer to You throughout my day, especially during times of temptation and suffering.

 Beg for the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit

Realize: The Holy Spirit grants every Catholic man the grace to have faith (CCC 683) and allows him to grow in holiness through the Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit (CCC 1830-1832) so he may ultimately reach the perfection of sainthood and be received into Heaven; to reach Heaven, every Catholic man must have the constant assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Believe: Refresh your understanding of the Creed’s, I believe in the Holy Spirit (CCC 683-747).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge so I am filled with Your Truth, I better recognize my desperate need for Your Gifts and Fruits for the journey to Heaven, and I constantly seek Your powerful help in my daily life.